Using Organisational Structure and Design Theory Essay

The construction of an administration and its function in accomplishing the administration ‘s ends is really important. In many administrations there this is a channel through which formation is passed.

Daft ( 1995 ), defined organizational construction as the seeable representation for a whole set of implicit in activities, procedures in an orgainsation.The members of the administration interact to accomplish the aim of the administration as a whole. An administration therefore exists for a intent and it has specific aims to be attained.

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Using Organisational Structure and Design Theory Essay
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Mannud.L besides posited that organizational design is a cardinal characteristic for leting an person to accomplish their personal demands every bit good as aim of the administration. Moorhead and Griffin ( 1995 ) , stated that the organizational design coordinates the attempts of the people, work groups and sections.

The construction and design of an administration will no uncertainty find if the ends of the administration and that of the work force would be achieved. The organizational design provides a model with which the person and group can work efficaciously in order to run into corporate ends.

Integrating Organizational construction and Design to Achieve Its Goals.

The kernel of the construction is to order and organize the action of the employees to accomplish the organizational ends. In the modern-day concern environment, for an administration to win, it must travel off from the authoritative type of construction where determination devising is ever top-down characterised by a high degree of bureaucratism ; and it reflects an bossy system, where employees have no say in the administration. This sort of construction would non convey out the best in the employees.

For an administration to accomplish its ends, the construction should be level because this guarantees a better flow of communicating within the administration and eliminates ‘bureaucratic constriction ‘ . To accomplish success as a director, the construction and design of the administration should affect the employees in determination devising processes as this would hike their ego worth and make a feeling of importance and high ego regard, this would actuate the employee to execute more fruitfully and besides increase their efficiency as consequence of the design, there would be division of labor within the construction and this leads to specialization. The design should be such that the span of control, authorization and duty must be clearly defined, as it would enable to employees to cognize what their undertaking are and who is accountable for what.

The director should be able to depute duty and undertaking, he must nevertheless possess authorization as it would enable him organize, control and program employee activities towards organizational and single ends. The director should take awareness of the the organisation ‘s environment, engineering and size in its design.

The design besides must let for rethinking or reengineering as the prevailing state of affairss environing the administration alterations.

A construction that encourages employee authorization and development, and preparation will heighten the success of the administration.

Dimensions and designs of organizational construction

The intent of organizational construction is fundamentally to apportion work and duties in order to direct activities and achieve organizational ends

Structure enables directors to be after organize direct and command the activities of the administration.

When early enterprisers foremost set up the endeavors they followed the hierarchal bid and controlled construction. they believed that centralised production with divisionolised labor offered more control over their workers. they were considered more as a scientific bean and were merely work witting. this was an of import factor in the design of early industrial administrations. this attack was reinforced by Taylor

The development of new engineering and new machinery for production farther influenced the design of early concern. the machines were all of import and most workers became machine operator or custodies and single accomplishments and traditional ways of working were replaced and lost.

Hendry fayol is credited by many as being the laminitis of modern direction theory and pattern.

At the beginning of the twentieth century he advocated an organizational construction that was was viewed as being all about be aftering organizing prediction, organizing, commanding and monitoring.

Classical scientific discipline construction

Modern direction construction


Non hierarchal


Non additive

Reductionist ( us & A ; them )



Self organised








Hierarchy is a manner where power in an administration is delegated.the job of mostly hierarchal orgnanisation lies in the flow of communication.when there are several beds it is really hard to acquire messages sent from underside to the top.

Eg-some employees say communicating job in a company and micro direction in their company is unbearable.


Formalization refers to the regulations, ordinances and norms of an organisation.communication between members of an administration in typically formalised in some manner.

How formal an administration may look all administrations started really informally.

Eg-microsoft had its low beginnings.


delegating and reassigning determination doing authorization to higher degrees of an organizational hierarchy.

Decision devising has been moved to higher degrees of an administration such as caput office/corporate Centre.

Knowledge, information, advanced thoughts are concentrated at the top and determinations are cascaded down the administration.

Span of control of top direction is comparatively wide.

Strength of centralization

Decision devising -strong, autocratic

Execution -decisive, fast, coordinated, able to react rapidly

Org alteration -shaped by top, vision of leader

Decentralization delegating and reassigning determination doing authorization is delegated to lower degree of an organizational hierarchy.

Decision doing moved to lower degrees such as divisions, subdivisions, sections, subordinates

Knowledge, information, advanced thoughts flow from underside of the administration

Span of control of top directors are comparatively little due to more liberty in lower degrees.

Decision making-democratic, participative

Organizational change-emerges from interactions

Execution-flexible to accommodate to minor issues and alterations



Governments and dealingss organized in such a manner as to enable the organisation to execute its map. The implicit in construction by which occupations, undertakings are distributed, shaped & As ; convey the different elements of an organisation into an efficient relationship.

The organisational design procedure provides a clear definition of ends and duties for each unit within the organisation. It besides inevales that to alter or to developed an organisational construction for the improvement of an organisation.

A Description of organisational Structure

There are three chief constructions functional constructions are where employees work in different demeanors to travel through to do contact with the individual at the top.

In instance of TESCO organisational constructions they have two organisational constructions, one for the company as a whole, which includes the Board of Director ( BOD ) and the other one is the construction used within each of there shops. The shop construction that TESCO uses is a simple as it allows employees to see easy who is in charge of each section or who their section Manager is.

In our position the organisational constructions exists in TESCO is a level decentralized this mean that determinations about the shop can be made by directors of a shop and maintain to supply better client services.

In every TESCO shop has a shop Manager to doing determination associating shop & A ; afterword ‘s every director will hold to present part study to the regional director. So in TESCO ‘s shop power of determination devising is assigned to take down degree direction who is working within the shop so they can do determination which make the client satisfied.

Impacts of decartelized construction of TESCO important determination largely managed by Senior Manager so they can focous all one, s attending on specific aim. Due to deconcentrate level organisational construction a director feel comfy and easiness to mak determination staff of the TECSO, S organisation have more duty so it can assist them to actuate them and better degree of work.

It can make improved communicating between staff.. It create ability among the staff to judge the state of affairs within their work environment which will spread out their cognition and experience.. So they are able to take speedy determination against challenges which bring more chances and cheerful alterations of accepting them and transporting them out more expeditiously.

There are less direction degrees so there are less costs but directors are normally paid more so normal workers. Top underside concatenation of bid is short but on the other manus Spain of control is much wider so other which will better the efficiently of organisation.

Effectss that organisation construction of TESCO can restrict growing of concern some clip. Because of level organisation construction directors can take speedy determination avoiding to the state of affairs but when they change the method of making something it will take some clip for the staff to follow that method which will restrict the growing.

A A A Some clip workers & A ; staff have more so one director which will blockade the public presentation of an organisation because directors wants to use different methods harmonizing to their ain determination or thoughts, so it is barrier in manner of proper communicating among the staff Flat organisation construction normally common with little sort of concern who have no effects on the public presentation of concern. ifA the directors wants to alter the nature of concern it would be easier for smaller concern because smaller concern can last this state of affairs but for the big organizationsA like TESCOA A they will hold to confront jobs in that instance.


Whatever signifier of construction is adopted, whether level, hierarchy or matrix, it has effects on the organisational effectivity. No construction isA good or bad but it depends on the organisation and the construction that meets the demand of the organisation in order to accomplish its end.

A clear organisational design and establishing of a strong organisational construction can increase or maximise a company ‘s effectivity.

The hierarchal construction easy implement common policy for the organisation as a whole and provides a consistent scheme across the organisation. It prevent s sub-units going excessively independent which make co-ordination and direction control easier.

This construction helps to better economic systems of graduated table and cut down overhead cost.A It encourage greater usage of specialisation and improves determination devising because people usually compromise due to authorithy

This construction besides assumes that the mean individual is lazy and has an inherant disfavor for work.Therfore, most people must be coerced, controlled, directed and threatened with penalty, so that the organisation can accomplish its aim. It besides assumes that an mean individual avoids duty, prefer to be directed, deficiency of aspiration and value security.

The Flat construction maximize a company ‘s effectivity because it enables determinations to be made closer to the operational degree of work. Due to the decentalisation in the level construction, reactivity to the local fortunes is increased and the degree of personal client servuce is improved. This is aA flexibleA construction and as such, it respond to future demands and developments and follow easy to altering environmental influences.

This besides provides chances for preparation and development in management..

This construction besides assumes that people will exert autonomy and self-denial in the service of aims to which they are commited, because for most people, work is every bit natural as drama or remainder.

It besides assumes that given the rigth conditions, the mean workermcan accept and seek responsibility.This provides the chance for staff to accept greater duty and do higher degree of personal part.

Normally, this construction has an encouraging consequence on the motive and morale of staff and thes create an organisational environment in which the staff work volitionally and efficaciously. To accomplish organisational effectivity, the human component must be considered because the existent operation of the organisation and the success in run intoing the concern objcetives depends on the behaviour of people who work within the construction. That is why ”Drucker ” said ”Good organisational construction does non by itself produce good public presentation. But a hapless organisational construction makes good public presentation impossible, no affair how good the single directors may be.

On the other manus, an organisational construction can hold inauspicious consequence on the organisational effectiveness.

The hierarchal construction restricts single growing and self-realization and this causes a feeling of failure, defeat and struggles. That is why Argyris argued that organisation should supply a more reliable relationship for its members.

Persons may develop a depence upon bureaucratic position, symbols and regulations due to over-emphasis on regulations and processs. This stifles inaugural and when a state of affairs is non covered by a complete set of regulations or processs, there may be a deficiency of flexibleness version to A altering fortunes.

The hierarchal struture besides leads to low motive and morale. This is because there is deficient deputation, deficiency of lucidity in occupation definition and appraisal of public presentation. Lack of relevant, timely information to the right people and unequal processs for reappraisal of past determination can take to late and inappropriate determination.

The level struture besides exhibit inauspicious effects on the organisational effectivity.

This struture inhibit the flow of effectual communicating between top direction nd work force. It besides reduces the chances for publicity accomplishment or enhanced position ann bounds chances for the preparation and development of future directors.

Ideally, concern organisations should try to intermix the benefits of both constructions. The kernel of organisations has shifted and will go on to switch from concentrating on construction to capableness. Capability represents what the organisation is able to make and how it does it instead than the more seeable image of who reports to whom and which regulations governs what work.

Meanwhile, seting an effectual organisational construction into topographic point can increase effectivity, productiveness, better operating costs and employee satisfaction.


To reason, administrations in the twentieth century with modern direction and besides the scientific direction saw broad scale experimentation with administration construction.

Furthermore administrations and those taking them need to critically analyse the organizational construction and the importance of underpinning design and the cardinal function they play in bettering public presentation, heightening sustainability and fulfilling human dimensions.

The design and construction of an administration are the of import constituent that could do or interrupt any organisation.Consequently, the construction and design if decently executed would guarantee an administration accomplishing it end and aims.


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