Utilitarianism Theory Essay

The Utilitarian Theory is a much more structured theory than Egoism, but which
one is better? Is it better to bring the most happiness to the most people, or
is it better to maximize the happiness of the single individual? Well, in the
perfect world you use both theories in conjunction, but if you must choose one
or the other, utilitarianism is definitely the one to be used. This is the case
because it is structured to use a subjective review instead of objective in the
case of egoism. A point system given to the quality of happiness can be the only
true way to judge what is best for everyone. On the other hand, who is given the
right to choose how strong the happiness is in a given situation. How can we say
for sure that winning the lottery gives more happiness than getting married? I
believe that this is one problem for the Utilitarianism view. Even though the
theory uses a rigid point system, the circumstances are different in every
situation; therefore it should give different point values depending on the
other factors in the situation. Everyone has a different opinion on what
deserves the highest point value. For instance, let’s say that 50 men think
having an endless supply of money is the most important aspect of life, but 50
different men think having a good lover is the most important aspect of life.

Depending on which group you ask you will get different answers on determining
your point system for Utilitarianism. I believe this is the case across the
board. Utilitarianism is a great theory if you can find the right way to
determine the point system that it uses. One other issue that arises in this
theory is dealing with immoral decisions by saying that it is in the best
interest of the entire group. Is it right to cause pain to an individual for the
better of the group? By this theory the answer is yes! QUESTIONS 1. How should
the rigid point system be determined? 2. Is it possible to use both theories to
define a situation and what course of action should be taken? Are there any
situations that would result in total happiness for all?

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