V For Vendetta Essay

Kimberly Ferreira David Tennant CW 1 225 4 December 2013 Remember the 5th of November V for Vendetta, a British action thriller, directed by James McTeigue, is a film that depicts the abuse of effects of power abuse. as the main character, along with “Ever are two characters that are the epitome of a free world where the people can make a change for the better. V and Evey meet in a crazy predicament, he saves her from getting raped by “Fingermen” which are secret policemen. Evey is grateful to have been saved by this masked man; however, their night does not Just end there.

V eads Evey to the top of a building where he asks her if she likes music, she responds by saying yes. After she responded music played all throughout their town. At the end of the song, V and Evey watched the destruction of Old Bailey, which V had blew up. That sums up their night together, they both went home thinking they would never see each other again; however, that was wrong. BTN, a news broadcast, wanted to cover up the destruction of Old Bailey, and declare it as an “incident demolition”, but V did not let that happen.

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He then took over the news broadcast and urged the eople of Britain to rise up against their oppressive government and meet him on the 5th of November. In the film V for Vendetta, it shows the corruption of government, and it refers to issues broader than the Government. In the film, Evey was to stay with V until the 5th of November because the government were looking for the both of them, V kept her safe. Until one day when V asks Evey for help, she was to help V try to kill a bishop, instead in fear Evey told the bishop of Vs actions.

The bishop thought she was Just Joking around, Evey was there for his personal pleasure, and he ignored er warnings and took it as foreplay until it was too late. V came in a killed the bishop, and before he killed him, the bishop stated that she was not lying after all. Afraid, Evey ran away to her boss. There he revealed his prohibited materials he has collected. Later that night her boss was captured, along with Evey. She was incarcerated and tortured for days for information of V and his whereabouts. Finally after being tortured, she was told that if she does not give up Vs location she will be executed.

Evey states, “Thank you, but I’d rather die behind the chemical sheds” After hat statement, she was released and came to find out that V has been keeping her hostage this whole time. V did all of that to free Evey from her fears. This is crucial because that is what Evey needed, she has been hiding behind her fear, and what V did to her made her stronger. Also the things that occurred to Evey while she was being tortured is what happened to V, what happened to V is what gave him the drive and the understanding that the government is too controlling and abusive, and they should not get away with it.

While Evey was incarcerated and being tortured by V, he only thing that kept her solace was a letter for a woman. Her name was Valerie Page, an actress who became a prisoner became she was gay. This letter is an epitome of the totalitarian government that they were living. This actress was taken the letter, Valeria Page wrote her story. She explained how things became different when the war began. Valeria Page wrote, “l remember how the meaning of the words began to change. How unfamiliar words like “collateral” and “rendition” became frightening. When thinks like norsefire and the articles of allegiance became powerful.

I remember how different became dangerous. I still don’t understand it: why they hate us so much. ” In this letter, it portrays how abusive the government was to its people, especially people who are different. This is what V wanted to change, and giving to Evey while she was “incarcerated” is how V wanted her to lose her fear, and understand what he is doing is for the good cause. V wants the government to understand that what they are doing is not right. In the final scene of this film is where Evey pulls the lever which leads the explosives, along with V who is dead hrough the underground subway to blow up Parliament.

It is the 5th of November, the day V informed all of Britain to wait for. Before Evey pulls the lever, thousands of walk up together to Parliament. Before the 5th of November, V sent everyone a mask and a cloak, the same as his so they can wear on this important day. In the final scene, thousands of Vs walk past the military who are supposed to protecting parliament from V, and stand in front of Parliament. As they watched Parliament blow up, every citizen removed their mask. This is the message V wanted to send.

He anted to end the totalitarian government that has taken over Britain, and by blowing Parliament up is how he got the message across. In this film, V for Vendetta, directed by James McTeigue, is a film that is meant to send a message. That message is that fairness, Justice, and freedom are not Just words. There are many places around the world where like Britain in this film control their citizens as if they are big brother. That is unjust and should occur anywhere in this world. Freedom is something that all should have, it is not earned, or given, and it is a right.

In the film he government were abusing their power, and V wanted to shut it down. The government tried everything in their power to stop V, but Justice always prevails. This film is an example of how governments have been acting, and it shows what the people should do. Blowing up a building is not necessary; however, doing as much one can do to make a difference is important. This an amazing film that shows the corruption of government, and what it means to get one’s rights back. Work Cited V for Vendetta. James McTeigue. Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman. Warner Bros, 2005. DVD.


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