Vacation (168 words) Essay

Yellowstone National Park is a wonderful vacation destination. My family and I have been there many times and like my family it is my favorite place to go on vacation. Yellowstone is a unique vacationing spot for several reasons one and foremost being its size. Yellowstone is 3,472 square miles and a total of 2,221,766 acres. The size of the park is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Yellowstone National Park is primarily located in Wyoming but actually extends into its bordering states Montana and Idaho. The park was the world?s first reported national park. In fact, Yellowstone resides on an active volcano providing the park with a number of hot pools and one of the biggest attractions in the park ?Old Faithful.? The park is also home to and abundance of wildlife a reported 427 different species. My favorite thing to do in Yellowstone is to visit the Teton Mountains and hike one of the many trails Yellowstone has to offer.

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Vacation (168 words) Essay
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