Value Alignment Essay

Value Alignment for Wal-Mart Fadi Anadri, Betrina Hood, Schercitha Miller, Samantha Redfearn BUS/475 Bill Crigger July 21, 2010 Value Alignment for Wal-Mart An individual’s personal values depict what is important in his or her life, and such values often determine his or her behavior. Furthermore, values are an enlightenment of why people act or react the way they do, based on their personal beliefs. The combined values of an individual and organization must be compatible to produce a successful relationship and work in harmony.

Wal-Mart’s values have been in place for 40 years. The company holds dear to three golden values, which are: 1) showing respect to all individuals, 2) providing exquisite service to customers, and 3) continually striving for excellence. Team B assesses their personal values, and compares them to Wal-Mart’s value-based plans and actions to see if they are compatible. Through this assessment, Team B will be able to determine if they can cohesively give the customer what he or she wants, at a reasonable price, following Wal-Mart’s organizational values.

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Team B’s values, plans, and actions Values are not static concepts that one may acquire at some point, and adopt for the rest of his or her life. Instead, values are an ever evolving process influenced by observing what others say and do, and shaped by one’s personal experiences. Fadi’s personal values were shaped by his parents’ teachings and reinforced through schools, figures of authority, and the local community. Working for a large corporation such as Microsoft, helps him better understand how his actions are driven through the demonstration f an organic relationship between his personal values and the organization’s. If one is to examine Microsoft’s stated values, he or she will find that this organization strives on aligning the employee’s values with the company’s values. Microsoft states that “as a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect (Microsoft, 2010). When joining Microsoft, Fadi could immediately identify with the company’s value of integrity, honesty, personal excellence and mutual respect because he himself was a firm believer of such values; and he often prides himself in adhering to them. Microsoft helped Fadi discover the importance and effectiveness of other stated values, such as openness, constructive self-criticism, and continual self-improvement. Microsoft shows the importance of these beliefs through an existing culture of empowerment, and rewards its employees for adopting and practicing such values.

Fadi’s personal values have guided him when making tough ethical decisions, and the company’s values helped him with the evolution of his own principles and beliefs. As a child, Samantha was taught to treat others as she wished to be treated, to show respect, be well-mannered, and never to make empty promises. These values have helped her excel through years of being mistreated, disrespected, and taunted for daring to be different. Life’s experiences further taught her to be kind, loving, and considerate of other people’s situations.

Samantha’s personal values were and continue to be portrayed through the values of her workplace. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) value the power of commitment from staff members, parents, and children in the establishment of a positive learning environment. CMS values the need to “identify, nurture, and celebrate student diversity through the differentiation of instruction; and to use open communication as a means to develop efficient solutions to problems (Hickory Grove, 2010). ”

The collaboration of Samantha’s personal and workplace values of commitment are shown through her trustworthy relationship with a very diverse group of children and adults. Samantha’s kind and loving approach to each child’s situation makes him or her feel wanted, and creates a positive learning environment. By treating that child with respect, Samantha gains respect in return. The mutual respect between the two of them allows the child to trust Samantha; therefore, allotting her a window to assess the child’s needs, and nurture his or her diverse learning capabilities.

Samantha can further act out her personal values in the workplace by using open-minded communication with her coworkers to maintain a safe and orderly environment that promotes learning. Wal-Mart’s stated values versus Wal-Mart’s plans and actions Betrina and Schercitha’s employers share some basic values with those of Wal-Mart. Their employers value the respect of coworkers, diversity, inclusion, providing exceptional customer service, and offering a variety of quality products for a reasonable price.

Wal-Mart focuses on being a diverse organization, providing excellent customer service, and providing a variety of good quality products for a reasonable price as well. These organizations also share the valued act of volunteering in the community. The main focus of these organizations is to make their customers happy, so they continue to come back. The degree of alignment between Wal-Mart’s stated values and the organization’s plans and actions show that the company has balanced the two to some extent.

Wal-Mart values its customers, and its number one priority is putting the customer first by offering low prices. Wal-Mart also matches its competitor’s prices for customers. Wal-Mart employees are also valued and offered career development, so they have the opportunity to move to higher positions within the organization. Most of the employees at each level are treated with respect and receive suitable benefits, but sometimes the company loses sight of its stated values; therefore, its plans and actions do not always follow suit. Team B’s values versus Wal-Mart’s values

Values, actions, and behaviors within each Wal-Mart department differ from what the organization expects. Team B’s personal values differ from those of Wal-Mart because the team highly values the respect of others, but this stated value is not always adhered to within the organization. Information received throughout the years from different employees of Wal-Mart, reveal that lower level employees are not always respected or openly accepted in the organization. Wal-Mart is also known for not promoting its female employees to higher positions.

These actions do not show Wal-Mart’s values of diversity and inclusion. On the other hand, Wal-Mart does share Team B’s value of placing the customer, client, or patient’s needs first, and striving for excellence when doing so. Conclusion of Wal-Mart’s value alignment Personal values are illustrated through an individual’s thought process, reaction, or follow through in any given situation. If an individual’s personal values, actions, and behaviors do not coincide with his or her workplace values, the individual has to make an adjustment to find a balance between the two.

Team B has found that they share similar values of respect, customer service, and success with Wal-Mart’s organization. Therefore, the Team can adhere to these three values accordingly, and use their personal beliefs as extra support when producing sufficient organizational plans and actions. References Henry, Jamal. (2010). Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. Hickory Grove Elementary. Retrieved from http://pages. cms. k12. nc. us/hickorygrove/. Microsoft. (2010). About Microsoft: Your Potential. Our Passion. Retrieved from http://www. microsoft. com/about/en/us/default. mspx.


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