Value Speech Essay

Speech Type: Introductory / Value Humanitarian Value Speech Goal/Purpose I want to introduce one of my core values to my classmates, to help them understand why it is important to me. Introduction / Summary Your awakened with pain from your hunger, your feeling weak. Crying wont make it any better, it hasn’t helped before. Another day has dawned, yet you remain at the edge of starvation. Every day seems eerily the same… a struggle to survive. If only there was an opportunity for you to change these circumstances.

Thesis Statement I believe that it is my personal duty is to promote human welfare; especially for members of the human family that are destitute, or otherwise inhibited by circumstance, from acquiring the freedoms and enjoyments that I personally benefit from. Body I. Growing up in difficult conditions, according to American standards of living, I now appreciate the freedom from those negative circumstances, and the ability to control my future; through my own devices.

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From my childhood experiences, I know how it is to be caged in pangs of torment, and to be entangled in a cruel cycle, devoid of resources for escape. Transition: And now that I have been richly blessed in adulthood, I yearn to bestow upon others the same elements of bounty that I now enjoy. Freedom from poverty is a human right. II. By my own action, by my own desire, by my own choice… I can shatter the constraints of poverty for another person, or family, or village; and replace them with freedom and opportunity for success.

I can chase away their despair with glimmers of enlightening hope. Shed light upon the bouts of despair, illuminating them with brightness, and hope. Replace the aching stomach of a child with a comforting fullness; and an ability to provide for oneself; or as Michael Jackson would say, “make a little space to make a better place”. Transition: No, I cannot change the underpinnings of this unequal world; but by instituting an action plan, I can change a small piece of it, for the better. Leaving a mark that can outlast me by generations.

And so, I will continue to strive to give meaningful aid throughout my life, to fulfill my value. Conclusion / Summary My Mission to South America and the Caribbean opened my eyes to the needs of the impoverished people of Guyana. This engendered within me a desire to effectively change the negative cycles of poverty in their lives. So, I founded a charity, Humanitarian Guyana, and have successfully completed a rescue trip to Guyana this past June. Quote: “make a little space to make a better place” from “Heal the World” a song from Michael Jackson’s hit album, Dangerous, released in 1991. h


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