Valuing a Child Essay

Early Education ( 2012 ) says that, “every kid is a alone kid who is invariably learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.” Therefore, handling each kid as a alone person is improbably of import. There are many different benefits that are achieved through this, for non merely the kid but for the parents and early old ages puting every bit good. All kids develop at different gaits, “at their ain rates, and in their ain ways” ( Early Education, 2012 ) and it is of import to recognize this. Whilst there are unsmooth guidelines which most kids will follow, when accessing their development these can change massively between each person. Children’s development will depend on many factors, each of which are alone to them. These factors include ; household life, cultural background, environment and disablement. Accounting for these factors and recognizing them will assist support and promote the child’s development. If these factors are non valued and understood than this could impede their advancement, “a child’s experiences between birth and age five have a major impact on their future life chances” ( Department of Education, 2012 ) .

If a kid is non made to experience alone and particular, they may get down to experience uncomfortable in their ain tegument and get down to dissociate themselves from their alone features as they may experience misunderstood. So hence, it is important to do the kid feel valued and understood and shown that their alone features are something to be celebrated. Each child’s single demands must be met for them to go a all-around and confident kid, “they are human existences and are the topic of their ain right…and duties appropriate to his or her age and phase of development” ( Unicef, 2014 ) .

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All kids must be treated every bit to run into their single demands, the Convention on Rights of the Child say, “Children have the right to believe and believe what they want…and to hold their sentiments taken into account” . Each kid has the right to be heard, understood and be made to experience included. Their single features and differences should be recognised and valued. For each kid to be treated every bit, adjustments and excess support should be offered to kids that may hold a disablement or any kind of restriction. All kids within the kid attention puting should be educated in each child’s differences to guarantee inclusion and regard for others. The Equality Act ( 2010 ) was created to implement this, “it provides a individual, amalgamate beginning of discriminated jurisprudence, covering all the types of favoritism that are unlawful.” It states that all kids should be treated every bit no affair what their gender, race, faith, or disablement is. It was created to protect and value kids as alone persons.

For a child’s single demands to be met they must experience safe and secure. Safety is of extreme importance, non merely to back up a child’s physical development but for their emotional development every bit good. For a kid to develop positive emotions they must experience secure and cared for, kids rely on grownups for counsel and swear them to maintain them safe. “Children learn best when they are healthy, safe, secure, when their single demands are met and when they have positive relationships with the grownups caring for them” ( Department of Education, 2012 ) . Without a safe environment a child’s development will be stunted and they will non be able to construct involvements and accomplishments. They will non hold positive relationships with their carers or their equals, which is a important portion of run intoing a alone child’s single demands.

As I mentioned before each kid is alone, nevertheless sometimes due to differences there is favoritism. Discrimination is when a kid, or anyone for that affair is treated otherwise or severely because of something that may do them different from others e.g. race or gender. Discrimination against kids can hold a really negative consequence on their emotional development, their assurance and their felicity. It may do the kid to experience like they don’t belong or that they are unusual or different in a negative manner. Not merely does this negatively impact the kid but it will impact their parents and the kid attention puting every bit good. Peoples may be loath to go forth their kid at the scene and this will give it a bad repute. A child’s differences should be celebrated and praised and this is where the Equality Act ( 2010 ) comes in. It was created to “eliminate favoritism and progress equality of opportunity” , and sets out Torahs and counsel for child care scenes to follow to do certain their environment is inclusive and safe.

The four chief types of favoritism that are addressed in the Equality Act that would consequence a kid attention puting are ; direct favoritism, indirect favoritism, torment and exploitation. Direct favoritism is when “one individual treats another less favorably because of a protected characteristic” ( Equality Act, 2010 ) . This means that a individual would be treated otherwise than others, in a negative manner. For illustration, a kid being left out because of their race. The following type is indirect favoritism this is when “a proviso, standard or pattern is applied by and large but has the consequence of seting people with a peculiar feature at a disadvantage” ( Equality Act, 2010 ) . This means that while the kid may non be being treated below the belt deliberately, they are still left at a disadvantage. An illustration of this would be learning Christian Christmas narratives without including other spiritual jubilations. The 3rd is harassment, torment is “unwanted behavior, related to a relevant protected characteristic” ( Equality Act, 2010 ) . This relates to strong-arming and utilizing derogatory or violative linguistic communication towards a kid. Harassment can be knowing or unwilled, so it is of import to ever be cognizant of the manner you are talking to kids. For illustration, doing merriment of a kid for playing with playthings that aren’t typically aimed at their gender. The last type of favoritism is exploitation, this is when “a individual is treated less favorably than they otherwise would hold been because of something they have done” . This could intend that the kid has complained about another kid or member of staff and so is treated severely because of this accusal, whether the accusal is true or false.

Many things can be done to advance anti-discriminatory practise as it is of import to do all kids feel welcome and understood. This may intend holding marks written in multiple linguistic communications and the workers within the puting larning some of the child’s first linguistic communication, so they feel more comfy. This could besides include holding books written about all different civilizations and faiths for the kids to read and bask. Besides, doing changes and accommodations to the attention puting for kids who may hold a disablement. Suiting their demands and educating the other kids in the scene to avoid insensitive comments. It is besides of import to back up and promote kids to play with whatever plaything or activity they want, no affair their gender. Stereotyping is really destructive and should be avoided at all costs. Children should ever be encouraged to prosecute whatever trip their involvement. Understanding that a kid is alone and assisting them to to the full develop in all facets is important.

It is ever of import to run into the demands of each single kid and to be after activities that support this. The kid attention puting should ever take to transport out activities that are inclusive, safe and gratifying for the kids they are looking after. For the scene to be a safe and unafraid environment the activities that are planned and executed should stay by any policies and regulations set out to protect the kids. This means that the activities must ever be safe by taking any safeguards so that no 1 could acquire hurt or injured. It besides has to take into history the development degrees of all the kids take parting in the activity and doing certain that it is a suited undertaking for their age and skill degree. The Department of Education ( 2012 ) says that “The EYFS seeks to supply a secure foundation through acquisition and development chances which are planned around the demands and involvements of each single child.” The activities must besides be disputing and involvement the kid for them to to the full prosecute and take part in what has been set out for them.

Many different countries of development should be considered and focused on within these activities including countries such as ; communicating and linguistic communication, personal and societal development and understanding the universe. For a kid to go to the full rounded and able to look after themselves all the countries set out by the EYFS should be developed upon. “Practitioners must reflect on the different ways that kids learn and reflect these in their practice” ( Department of Education, 2012 ) . This can be done by utilizing different techniques for learning such as holding the kids investigate and research new things, through active acquisition and holding kids develop their ain thoughts and ideas. Practitioners should measure their activities by detecting the kids during the child’s free clip to detect what they enjoy and what the kid might necessitate to better on. They can so be after the activity, sing any accommodations and whether there should be multiple larning results for each different kid. They so will measure the success of the activity and what they learned about the child’s accomplishments and failings from this to assist them fix further for the following activity they will fix.

Practitioners working within the kid attention puting are important in assisting the kid develop and grow and so keep a large duty. They must ever back up a child’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Firstly it is overriding to be a positive function theoretical account and good illustration to the kids in the scene. Albert Bandura ( 1977 ) said that “behaviour is learned through the procedure of experimental learning” so to protect a child’s physical and emotional wellbeing the practicians must move in the right manner at all times. The conditions of the scene are besides really of import in back uping this, the safety safeguards and policies are really of import. It is besides of import for the playthings to be age appropriate and for there to be the right ratio of workers to kids. The Children Act ( 1989 ) says “the authorization shall stipulate the maximal figure of kids within specific age groups, who may be looked after” So these ratios change depending on the ages of the kids, the ratio for birth-24 months must be 1:3, as babes must be closely observed as they are less independent and necessitate more aid and support. For 24-36 months the ratio increases somewhat to 1:4 as the kid becomes more able to make things for themselves but still necessitate plentifulness of aid. Finally the 36-60+ months is 1:5 as the kids begin to hold more cognition of their ain safety and learn self-care.

Children must besides ever experience secure for their wellbeing, relationships are indispensable to this. Get downing at a kid attention scene may be the first clip the kid has been off from their parents and this can be a chilling and nerve-racking clip. This is why cardinal workers are assigned to each kid and these workers will pass clip settling the kid into the scene. Spending one on one clip with the kid and the parents to entree the child’s needs, involvements and degrees of development. For the kid to experience secure they should be able to voice their sentiments and be given picks. This will authorise the kid and assist them to go a resilient and confident immature individual. Options and determination devising should be offered at all ages. For the younger kids this would include things like puting a figure of playthings in forepart of the kid and giving the kid the pick of which point they would wish to play with. This could besides be encouraged during meal times, by offering a scope of different bites for the kid to take from. Decision doing so go even more of import as the kid gets older. It is important to listen to the child’s thoughts and picks and to value and esteem these ideas. The kid will be given more chances to take how they spend their clip at the baby’s room, whether this be making humanistic disciplines and trades, larning mathematical accomplishments or reading books during their free drama.

The Children Act ( 1989 ) says that the wellbeing of a kid is of paramount of import and that the kid should ever be valued and respected, no affair what their race, faith or gender may be. That the child’s single demands should ever be considered and met and that their feelings and sentiments should ever be listened to. This is something that should ever be at the head of a practicians mind when working within a kid attention puting.


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