van leeuwenhoek Essay

“A Friday Evening” It was a Friday evening, and Anna was in the living room, doing her eighth grade math homework. It was winter and the weather was windy and cold. She looked through the window, and someone caught her attention. She saw a boy with orange curly hair, he had freckles, and wore glasses. He was running from one house to another, waiting until someone would open the door for him. Nobody did, but then he ran towards Anna’ s house. “Please let me in! ” the boy said, begging for a warm place to stay. Anna welcomed him in because she felt bad for the boy. “Where did you come from?

And who are you? ” She asked. “My name is John, and I am your neighbor that lives across from you. After school, I ran into the house and threw down my backpack. My mom and my new puppy always meet me at the door, but today they were not there. I looked in the kitchen, bedroom, and the living room, but I could not find them. Did you see them? ” he asked. “No, I haven’t. I am so sorry. ” Anna said. John sighed and left the house. He was not happy to hear that. He went to the house next door. “Bed and Breakfast! ” John read the sign on the door as he entered the house.

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A skinny lady elcomed him. She seemed very nice to the boy and she was very welcoming. She offered him a cup of tea with chocolate chip cookies. “No, thank you. I am not hungry at all. I was wondering if you had seen my mother? I am “Oh yes! They came in earlier today. Your mom was walking the dog and I wanted to give the dog a treat, so they came inside the house. How about you stay for a night at my house, since it is getting dark outside, and tomorrow, we will see how everything goes. ” the lady said. “No! ” John disagreed. He thought that it was not the safest place for him to stay at.

The house was messy. It had a dirty carpet. The house had old couches, bright green curtains, and creepy animals that never made any sound, and never moved. Everything was unusual and strange. “Well, I got to go now. ” John said. But the lady did not seem to care what he said, and she dragged him upstairs. “This is the room that you will sleep in tonight. It is now 9:30 P. M. Are you sure you don’t want any tea with chocolate chip cookies? ” the lady said. “Go away! I am trying to go to sleep. ” John said as he lay in the bed. John was very frustrated and wanted to escape from the house.

He couldn’t fall asleep because the whole night, he heard the lady snoring down stairs. And some creepy noise as if someone was trying to break through the window. John could not stand the noise, so he went to check what it was. John got out of bed and tip-toed to another room. It was the room with the creepy noise coming from it. When he opened the room, his mother was there with his puppy! “John?! ” his mom exclaimed. “What are you doing here? ” “Coming. “his mother whispered. This day was never forgotten and John learned a great lesson. Stranger? Danger!!!


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