Vancouver Metro Soccer League Essay

In response to member feedback and the increasing technological progresss in website development and societal media tools, the Vancouver Metro Soccer League is looking at ways to upgrade its web site. The intent of this proposal is to analyze societal media best patterns and the advantages of the assorted tools available and aid find which platform would be the best option to utilize. The findings are used to do recommendations to the Board of the Vancouver Metro Soccer League.

Overall, the findings dispel the misconception that societal media requires a big budget and a specializer to carry on, provided the tools are chosen strategically and in concurrence with adept advice. The initial cost of remaking the web site will be the largest disbursal and varies depending on which platform the VMSL chooses. The cost of upkeep will worsen over clip and as the experience of the VSML ‘s webmaster additions.

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By puting in the web site, the VMSL will be puting in future participants ; the new site will function to pull new members to the conference, increase overall support and participant and public involvement in the athletics.

As a consequence of this survey and proposal, it is recommended that the VMSL undertake an RFP procedure and take a web development house to remake the web site, adding in several societal media tools. Overall, the full procedure is expected to take about four and a half months with the budget dependant on which platform is chosen.

The Vancouver Metro Soccer League ( VMSL ) is an established association with 10 different divisions of participants, from semi-professional to amateurs. The organisation ‘s web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) is out-dated and missing in a figure of cardinal elements that would help participants in connection, volunteering for, and pull offing the conference. Specifically, VMSL is in demand of the agencies to prosecute participants and organisers through on-line communicating. An on-line forum, societal media tools, and information systems would assist VMSL accomplish its ends.

This proposal demonstrates the specific recommendations for web development, selling rollout, squad preparation, and execution program for the VMSL. This includes a bit-by-bit usher to developing the site, every bit good as how to prosecute VMSL members in utilizing it, and developing the VMSL board and staff in updating information. The aim of the proposal is to develop the methodological analysis needed to make an easy-to-use forum and communicating scheme so that participants can link with each other online, alteration pattern or game day of the months, update contact information, and program events. The primary mark audience for this proposal is the VMSL Board of Directors and representatives of the conference from all of its 10 divisions of participants.

Due to the deficiency of the expertness in the computing machine scientific discipline field, this proposal will non discourse excessively much about the proficient inside informations of developing the forum. For the same ground, there is a little possibility that this proposal contains some proficient jobs which can merely be defined by a computing machine expert. The chief research beginnings of this proposal come from the cyberspace, David Lam concern databases, and interviews with members of VMSL. Using these beginnings, recommendations for VMSL will be both effectual and efficient.

It is clear that the manner that the Internet and communications have changed significantly in merely the last five old ages. There is a demand for the web to be exceptionally simple and easy to utilize. This means that the web interface and how it is developed must take into history every individual measure that a user may set about in looking for information. This is why the current VMSL site does non work. In add-on to researching the taking web development and concern literature, I have besides interviewed members of VMSL. In general, they are really defeated in the current site and have outlined their personal recommendations for altering it to accommodate their demands over the following few old ages. Based on these findings, I have determined the needful constituents of an on-line forum for VMSL, societal media tools, and information systems that would assist VMSL accomplish its ends.

The Need for Dynamic, Interactive Content
In Determining Web Serviceability: Interaction Design in Context, Badre recognizes that web sites are really complex and must include dynamic content that sometimes suits a wide and diverse audience with an intolerance of steep larning curves. Optimizing the user experience should be the ultimate purpose of every web interior decorator.

With the reaching of hand-held devices, concern programs and website site maps must integrate a longer-term attack that takes into consideration where sites are viewed. “ The last twelvemonth has seen the nomadic cyberspace mature quickly as larger screens and devices like the iPhone have made shoping easier. ” ( Shoping ) This is besides an of import mark for VMSL because of the fact that many participants use hand-held devices to see their agendas.

Serviceability is paramount to the creative activity of a new site, and if the chief site – the one intended to be viewed on a place computing machine or laptop – is navigation heavy, a nomadic version of the same site must be included.

Merely as serviceability is of import to see, the audience we intend to see the site is every bit good.

The VMSL site will necessitate to supply information for prospective participants and the general populace, current participants and conference captains, fans, and the VMSL board. Each of these audiences have really different grounds to see the site, and different demands once they arrive.

Overall Site Scheme
The proposed site updates and alterations are intended to convey the VMSL web site to compliance with current Web 2.0 tools and give more functionality to the site for users. When the site is focused on serviceability, the more people will utilize it and the more involvement that can be generated from outside beginnings.

In Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity, Nielsen discusses the demand for sites to let users to happen information rapidly and easy. Nielsen is the taking guru of Internet serviceability, and he helps concern people understand that they must construct what he calls an environment for authorization, in which the user who clicks the mouse is allowed to make up one’s mind everything. He has two chief rules: “ 1. that web users want to happen what they ‘re after rapidly, and 2. if they do n’t cognize what they ‘re after, they want to shop rapidly and entree information they come across in a logical mode. ” ( Nielsen 5 ) Based on these two rules, it is necessary to incorporate several Web 2.0 tools into the new site.

What is Web 2.0?
The term “ Web 2.0 ” ( pronounced “ Web two point Ohios ” ) is “ normally associated with web applications that facilitate synergistic information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and coaction on the World Wide Web. Examples of Web 2.0 include web-based communities, hosted services, web applications, social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, web logs, mashups and folksonomies. ” ( Web )

Users are allowed to interact with each other or to modify website content on a Web 2.0 site. In contrast, users are limited to see the information that is provided to them on non-interactive web sites.

Although the term implies the invention of the cyberspace, no update to any specific engineering is needed. It merely requires package developers and end-users to alter the manner they use the Web.

In What is Web 2.0, Tim O’Reilly teaches concerns how to integrate societal media into the creative activity of web experiences for users. He gives clear illustrations of what the ‘traditional ‘ Web 1.0 tools are, and what the updated tools used in Web 2.0 are.

In some instances, the term or tool has merely evolved ( in the instance of personal web sites going blogging or publication now being called engagement ) , but in others, there is a complete displacement in the manner the tools are used. O’Reilly has provided several suggestions for concerns following web 2.0 schemes that have been incorporated into this proposal.

Robert Scoble, a engineering revivalist, writer and blogger, created the “ Social Media Starfish ” to demo the different channels that people are now utilizing to interact online.

The diagram above was created about precisely two old ages ago, and while many of the tools are still in usage, some similar Pownce, have shut down already. The cyberspace now moves faster than of all time before, and clip is an of import factor in making the VSML site.

Social Tool Recommendations
Based on the ‘Social Media Starfish ‘ above, there are several Web 2.0 tools that the VSML should implement, both into the new site and besides as external tools in order to do the site more user-friendly. This will give the participants and conferences tools to link, arrange agendas and portion information. Furthermore, by utilizing these societal networking tools, the mark audience can be expanded under limited financess. ( Kopulos 10 )

Website Tools
The first of these is a simple forum or treatment board that can be used by all registered members of the site, to portion information, station proclamations or merely converse. This will let inter-league friendly relationships and connexions to thrive, every bit good as supply a record of the correspondence for usage by the VSML if needed.
A Google Calendar ( or similar tool ) should be incorporated into the site redesign, leting participants to subject their game agendas or alterations to be published.
The VMSL needs to get down printing a web log on a regular footing. This can be used to print league intelligence, overall association football intelligence, sentiment pieces, and to showcase participants or squads.

External Tools
Get down a Twitter history and add a doodad to the VMSL place page serves several intents. Not merely will this convey new users to the League, it will besides raise consciousness, introduce the athletics to new participants and invite extra patrons, advertizers and media attending to the conference.
Use Upcoming to print the conference ‘s agenda to go on to prosecute new people to come out to the games and to back up the squads.
Making a Flickr pool will let fans and participants a topographic point to upload any exposures or short pictures taken at the games for everyone to see. This non merely continues to increase consciousness of the conference, it besides assists with the Search Engine Optimization for the VMSL.

Making a YouTube channel acts much like the Flickr Pool does, merely for longer picture. Contests can be run from this history every bit good, which promotes the League and squads.
Facebook pages, both for the squads themselves and the League, every bit good as event pages for the games. This acts about as a duplicate of the content from the chief site, but it serves a new set of consumers who may non see the League site.
Much of the Web 2.0 tools are free to utilize, but will necessitate person actively utilizing them to derive any benefit. There will necessitate to be a part of the web development production put towards these responsibilities for the new site to be successful.

There are some unfastened beginning package tools that can be used for much of the site, including Ning, Google Docs, Basecamp, WordPress or Drupal, all of which can manage much of the backend database functionality that will be required, nevertheless in all instances, a web development house would necessitate to be retained to guarantee speedy and right execution.

As you can see, there are several options for all degrees of budget, and it merely depends on what sort of functionality the VMSL would wish in the new site. Based on the feedback received from members of the VMSL, the site needs to be utile for the following twelvemonth or more. Investing in the site at this clip will besides let for fewer resources to be expended over a longer period of clip as it will be built right without necessitating serious alterations for some clip.

This is non an nightlong undertaking, and will necessitate some clip for the Board of Directors of the VMSL to O.K. , create and direct out the RFP, take a web development company and for that company to finish the work.

The approximative timeline for web site development are:

While, on whole, this is non a short procedure, it will bring forth wagess shortly after deployment and in the long tally. The VSML will profit greatly from remaking the site, by conveying in new participants, more visitants will come to a site that is easy to utilize, current participants will besides utilize the site more frequently when the functionality is 2nd nature.

This proposal outlines the stairss that the VSML needs to set about every bit good as sum up the considerations the Board needs to believe about.

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