Vastu for Study Sample Essay

Vastu rules are practical for all edifices whether it is a place. mill. temple or even an office. Office is chiefly built to bring forth fiscal growing of concern. Vastu suggests some regulations in edifice offices that prove to be really functional for economic growing of the organisation. Vastu rules are applied maintaining in head assorted energy Fieldss arising from different waies. First of all a site should be selected. which is free from any Vastu defect. After choice of the site. the layout of office should be planned by following these Vastu norms. Construction of Office The secret plan of office should be rectangular or square. Heavy construction should be built in the South and the West as these are negative zones. More unfastened infinite should be in the East or north way. The incline of floor should be towards East. North or Northeast. The tallness of edifice should be equal in all sides. Water organic structures should be built in nor’-east or eastern zone. Water sump is good in the North or East. But overhead armored combat vehicle in nor’-east is a large Vastu defect. So. the armored combat vehicle should be built in southwest way. Staircase should be built in southern or western portion of the office.

Stairway in the centre of office is non good. Toilets can be built in the West or northwest. Northeast and southwest waies should non be used for lavatory. Office should non be built near temple. sculpt pace or infirmary. Interior of Office Design response in nor’-east of office and receptionist should sit confronting the North or East. Waiting room can be in nor’-east or northwest way of the edifice. But northeast corner should be left for temple and flowers can be placed in northeast way. The office of Chairman or General Manager should be built in sou’-west or south way of the edifice. He should sit in southwest way confronting north. His desk should be rectangular. Employees should sit confronting the North or East. Employees should non sit under beam. If any other option is non possible. the loft of beam can be covered with wooden board. Place heavy almirah or safe in the sou’-west in which of import paperss are stored. Pantry of office should be built in sou’-east of the edifice as southeast way is a topographic point for fire. The centre of office should non hold any heavy construction. Paint office in light colourss. Avoid dark colourss as they make us short tempered. Doors and Windowss of office should be in the North and east way. Don’t usage pictures picturing unhappiness in the office. These picture may impact harmoniousness among office staff.

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Vastu for Study Sample Essay
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