Ventria Bioscience and the Controversy over Plant-Made Medicine Essay

1. The job confronting Scott Deeter and his company Ventria is that CRC consultative board and California Secretary of Agriculture is non being convinced to let Ventria get down seting genetically modified Rice in California. Even though Deeter and his staff offered legion grants to turn to the concerns of rice husbandmans and other parties involved. but they still could non acquire an blessing for their undertaking. Deeter and his company Ventria is besides holding the possible issue of keeping trust of their patrons and interest holders. The company missed two seting seasons and is non doing any net income which doesn’t make investors happy. and could finally take them to retreat their capital and invest in other company’s and undertakings.

2. Members of the company’s board and their organisations jointly provided 85 % of the company’s funding. That includes. Dr. Rodriguez the laminitis. cofounders of Chiron Corp. Dr. William Rutter and Dr. Pablo Valenzuela. William Rutter who is an lawyer and venture capitalist. Ron Vogel the president of Great Western Malting and bio-entrepreneur Dr. Roberto Crea. Besides. Thomas Urban. Melvin Booth and David Dwyer joined later.

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Ventria Bioscience and the Controversy over Plant-Made Medicine Essay
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3. There could be different scenarios: First: stakeholders could acquire impatient about pouring money in a company that will ne’er see the visible radiation of success because of the immense sum of resistance. Second: The board members could finally make up one’s mind to travel their company outside of California. or possibly traveling the planting of Rice Fieldss at least to be outside of CRC ordinances.

4. If Ventria decided to use a political action scheme so I believe they should concentrate on turn outing adequate research and warrants that their undertaking will non hold the negative bad consequence on other Rice harvests or worlds. They could besides reason that their undertaking is really good to the province of California bring in new gross and province revenue enhancement. Besides they could show the thought that their undertaking will supply many occupation chances and decrease unemployment in the province.

5. The company could hold the ultimate option of traveling it’s seting operations to outside of California where there are no Rice Fieldss and proper clime.

6. I think Ventria should look into the possibility of traveling the company outside of California and look into if they would be able to derive adequate net income as they were ab initio expecting. I believe the there are other provinces with indulgent Torahs that would non mind holding Ventria operations and Rice Fieldss. The mean wages are normally lower in other provinces than in California which could besides play to their advantage.


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