Vertical roller mill Handling Precautions Essay

In the production process of the industry , in accordance with rules and regulations to operate the equipment is very important , here is the Jaw crusher manufacturers in india maintenance points on the vertical roller mill process experience raised some attention should be paid based on years of equipment manufacturing .

Vibration : vibration roller mill work is prevalent , and reasonably vibration is allowed, but if the vibration is too large , it will cause damage to the disc and roller machinery , as well as ancillary equipment and measuring instruments to destroy the material . ayer of uneven thickness vibration is the main reason , for other reasons as well : the mill there are large metal objects ; grinding too much pressure ; damage resistant parts ; accumulator charging pressure ranges ; insufficient ventilation wear .

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Vertical roller mill Handling Precautions Essay
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In the operation should be strictly controlled within the allowable range of vibration create the prerequisites for the stable operation. Material thickness : vertical mill Another important factor is the stable operation of the bed stable layer material stability, wind, air pressure and volume of feed to stabilize , e need to maintain the material thickness by adjusting the air volume and the volume of feed .

If not promptly adjust the vibration will cause increased motor load stop Jumping up roller 2% ?± 20mm, the vertical roller mill diameter 3000 mm, thus 60 ?± 20 mm material thickness is appropriate . In addition , the optimum thickness of material depends primarily on quality of raw materials , such as moisture content , particle size , particle size distribution and grindability .

Initial operation , in order to find the best material thickness , gauge rings have debugging height . And of dam height under certain conditions , one of the important conditions for a stable material thickness is feeding granularity and granularity level with the rationale . Feeding the average particle size is too small or too fine , thin material layer ; average particle size is too large or too many chunks of material when the material layer will thicken mill load increases.

Material layer can be stabilized by adjusting the amount of water spray , grinding pressure , circulating air flow and separator revolutions and other parameters. Water is the prerequisite for the formation f solid bed material , suitable grinding pressure to maintain the bed stable conditions , is guaranteed within the ventilation means of grinding fineness of the raw material and moisture Pressure : pressure is the pressure loss at the air ring is one of the important control parameter.

Large vertical mill operation due to wind effects , therefore , to keep the operator can learn by observing the pressure inside the mill , the Judge material , less material, wind, small wind , grinding efficiency. And with the change in the volume of feed , grind size of ventilation , stable pressure values are different , which in normal peration should observe, pay attention to the accumulation of experience.

If the pressure is too large , indicating that the grinding resistance, circulating volume, you should take measures to reduce material and increase the ventilation rate , increase water, stable material layer may also be temporarily reduced classifier revolutions , so within the plot in fine grinding mill discharge , the pressure to be back to normal , then the appropriate restore the parameters to avoid over-grinding phenomenon , to prevent vibration intensified mill Jump stop, full mill accident occurred .

If the pressure is too small , too little material in the mill described polishing layer thinning will soon cause vibration increases , the feed should be immediately increased water so as to form a stable material layer .

Grinding power consumption: vertical mill drive power is determined by the pressure roller and the relevant design parameters applied to the disc , if too much material on the disc, the grinding pressure and did not keep up with the low grinding efficiency , grinding power consumption ; If grinding pressure, will increase the grinding power will adversely ffect Mill outlet temperature : heat into the wind mill is the need to enhance the dry material and materials , mill outlet gas temperature is an important factor to measure the level of mill operating conditions , overheating can cause damage to the internal machinery ; too low, then up less than drying purposes . Depending on the operating experience of our plant, mill outlet temperature should be controlled at about 95 ???C. If the outlet temperature is higher, then the appropriate shutter open circulating fan , or open cold air baffle ; If the outlet emperature is low, the appropriate increase in the supply of hot air to ensure that the raw material moisture is not exceeded. Product fineness: product fineness mainly by classifier speed to regulate the number of revolutions of the big , fine products ; small number of revolutions , the crude product . Of product fineness also have a great impact with the size of the wind mill .

Yield: roller mill or not properly calibrated , stable operation , give full play to their energy consumption, reduce the cost advantage is also important . After commissioning , ssessment, Jidong tier vertical mill capacity by 320 ??” 360 t/h control . At the same time to increase production , the operator should pay attention to appropriately increase the hot air , ventilation grinding , polishing pressure , water volume and other parameters to ensure The main contents of these operating points can be reflected in the production of safe , green harmless ultimate goal of production and, ultimately, maximize the business benefits of the vertical roller mill operation can be found in the relevant skills operation , the operating point is implement applications.


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