Virtue Ethics Sample Essay

The chief end of any ethical theory is to make what’s right and good. All theories involve following moral regulations or moving in conformity with chosen ethical values. Sometimes what is right and good. the regulations. or the values are common to different theories. There is overlap in the theories that result in the same behavior in a moral state of affairs although for different grounds under the different applicable theories. ( No theory is perfect or applicable in all instances. All have jobs! ) . There is more than one way to acquire the same consequence. There are three major attacks in normative moralss including virtuousness moralss. deontological moralss. and utilitarianism. This paper is traveling to compare the similarities and differences between virtuousness theory. utilitarianism. and deontological moralss. It will include a description of the differences in how each theory addresses moralss and morality and it will besides discourse an experience to explicate the relationship between virtuousness. values. and moral constructs as they relate to one of the three theories. Differences in How These Theories Address Ethics and Morality Virtue moralss. deontological moralss. and utilitarianism are the three major attacks in normative moralss.

Virtue moralss emphasizes the virtuousnesss. or moral character. while deontology emphasizes responsibilities or regulations. and utilitarianism emphasizes the effects of actions. Virtue moralss is besides called agent-based or character moralss. Harmonizing to Boylan ( 2009 ) . when utilizing the virtuousness moralss attack. one should take the point of view that in populating their life they should seek to cultivate excellence in all that they do. It encourages people to develop their character as the footing for the good life. Utilitarianism is a signifier of consequentialism. significance that the moral worth of an action is determined by its result. Utilitarianism suggests that an action is morally right when that action produces more entire public-service corporation for the group than any other alternate ( Boylan. 2009 ) . Deontological moralss Judgess the morality of an action based on the action’s attachment to a regulation or regulations. This signifier of moralss utilizations regulations and responsibilities to find what is “right” .

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Deontological moralss is opposed to consequentialism. Deontology maintains the inappropriateness of actions resides in the sort of action that it is. instead than the effects it brings approximately. Therefore far we have seen that both utilitarianism and deontology hold different positions in respect to what is most natural ethical theory. For utilitarian’s it is the ‘Greatest Happiness Principle’ . but for Kant it is the ‘Categorical Imperative’ . Now it is clip to see what has become known as the Virtue Theory. It is in his Nicomachean Ethical motives that Aristotle sets out his ethical theory ( subsequently to go known as ‘Virtue Theory’ ) : his construct of what it is. for human existences. to populate good. For Aristotle. the terminal or concluding cause of human being is eudemonia. Eudemonia is most normally translated as ‘happiness’ . a more accurate interlingual rendition is ‘flourishing’ .

Ethical motives airss inquiries of how we should manage state of affairss and act in relationships. An illustration of a personal experience with my oldest boy who is 14. I suspected he was smoking coffin nails with his friends. and our household maintains honestness as a virtuousness. I had become concerned that my teenage boy was concealing coffin nails. To continue the unity of the family’s value of honestness. we used a direct scheme with my boy. sharing our concerns and my personal experience that I had with coffin nails as a adolescent. This allowed my boy to larn from my errors. and relieves his demand to conceal his ain experiences from our household.

Other schemes that we considered was to include learning values one at a clip. integrating household traditions which promote the thought of household and recognizing and honoring good behaviour with more allowance money each hebdomad. Through integrating the schemes above we had a positive result. we incorporated more athleticss so he has less downtime with friends and experimenting. It’s ever crucial in life state of affairss to measure the job before turn toing the state of affairs. We should inquire ourselves. How am I making at “the art of human being” as creative person Laurel Birch describes it. Ethical motives is closely bound up with that of art because. as its bosom. are human relationships.


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