Visual Identity Essay

Your Name Visual Identity CGD 218 Professor 19 Aug 2010 The visual identity example that I will discuss is one that many people around the world would easily recognize. The company has a wide range of products that are highly sought after and its visual identity is a symbol of the merchandise it represents. The logo has changed somewhat throughout the years; however, the logo is always recognizable. The visual identity or logo I am talking about is the one for Apple, Inc. I recognize it because I currently own some of their products.

The products they make are in my opinion of high quality and I have never been disappointed when I bought them. Although their prices are higher than some of their competitors, they are worth the money I spend on them. The apple logo has been around for a long time and it has remained recognizable to me ever since I was young boy. My first encounter with the company logo was when my friend got an apple computer for Christmas in 1986. His Apple pc was small and stylish, but it was very basic. It had its own monitor built into the machine and the text displayed in green on the screen.

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This was different than the Commodore 64 I had, and I still preferred it over the Apple computer. The logo for Apple during that time period was similar to the logo today except it was rainbow in color. After the logo changed to what it is today I began to notice the company more and became interested in their products. The current logo is sleek and really matches the new products being produced by the company. I indeed like the monochrome look of the current logo because it gives it a clean, stylish and sexy appearance that matches the products it represents.

It spells quality and ingenuity compared to the older logo with the rainbow. Additionally, the rainbow color would not match well with the current products as the new logo does (Edible Apple, 2009). The new logo is larger, but it uses the monochrome technique to bring attention to the products. Apple did an amazing job with using the monochrome technique on the new logo. This technique uses different shades of the same color to create an image. While the current logo is a chrome color, the logo has appeared in red, blue and gray on Apple’s official site and within OS X itself (Michael, 2007).

No matter what color the logo appears in, the monochrome technique manages to maintain the qualities it represents in its products and the company. As our textbook explains about Semiotics, Apple, Inc. is always sending us messages about themselves through their logo (Berger, 2007). For the company, this new appearance represents the company’s innovation, and commitment to catering to the public’s interest. The shiny appearance on the new logo further tells me that the company creates high quality products by paying attention to detail. This is apparent with the iPhone they created.

Apple spent a lot of time with detail, that the iPhone has been considered one of the most advanced gadgets of today. Many competitors have tried for years to replicate the technology Apple has developed, and not one has come close in duplicating it. In summary, Apple, Inc. has developed a logo that is recognizable all over the world. While the logo has not changed many times, the times it has changed it only compliments the direction the company is heading with their products and innovation. The logo clearly identifies what the company stands for as well as describes its products. In the future, if Apple, Inc. ecides to change their logo again, I am confident it will only enhance what it has achieved so far and it would be interesting to see what they will develop to represent the company. References Berger, A. A. (Ed. ). (2007). Seeing is Believing: An introduction to Visual Communication (3rd ed. ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Edible Apple. (2009, April 20). The Evolution and History of the Apple Logo. Retrieved from www. edibleapple. com/the-evolution-and-history-of-the-apple-logo/ Michael. (2007, May 14). A Visual History of the Apple Logo. Applegazette. Retrieved from http://www. applegazette. com/apple-inc/a-visual-history-of-the-apple-logo/


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