Viva Zapata Essay

Viva Zapata BY LettY1227 Real Mexican Food Viva Zapatas Restaurant and Cantina has surpassed all of my family’s and my expectations of a good restaurant. Viva Zapatas definitely aims to please their customers. The service, atmosphere, location, and the quality of the food is excellent. The Service is outstanding. The decor is fun and inviting and the staff is friendly, making one feel welcomed. The food is delicious; I remember my dad having said, ” it is finger licking good! ” This place is amazing, safe to say that it is probably the best Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas.

Viva Zapatas, in my opinion, is the best authentic Mexican Restaurant in this area. This is no street food, this is real home made food. The service is phenomenal, everyone is very courteous and polite. The bus staff was attentive. I dare you to get your drink below half! , seriously, they are that good. Waiter check up on their tables, very Joyfully and attentive without over doing it. They are able to make satisfying recommendations, making it easier to choose from their large menu. The first visit, was with my entire family, making it a party of nine.

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There was o room for such a large party, but the manager made it work and got us a table within ten minutes. One of the waiters went over quickly and noted our drinks down, and under five minutes everyone was sipping on their drinks. After ordering, the food took about fifteen to twenty minutes to arrive at our table. Everything looked and smelled delicious, my mouth got watery instantly. The tortillas and guacamole were made right in front of us. From the host to the waiter, service was wonderful. They smiled genuinely every time. Atmosphere is the key toa good restaurant and Viva

Zapata’s atmosphere was Joyful. The music, lighting, artwork and spacing combine was definitely organized to make people feel comfortable. There was live authentic entertainment. Although it was live, the music was soft and enjoyable. The lighting was Just right. It was dimmed down but where you can still see everything and everyone clearly. The spacing between tables and booth was nice. I was not able to hear peoples conversations around us, so I know they were not able to hear mine. It did not feel crowded at all, even though, the place is a bit small. The decorations ere interesting.

There is nothing worse than wandering off and having to stare at bare walls. Viva Zapata was well decorated and also enjoyed that very much. My family and I found this restaurant when a friend of ours from out of state came to town. We were in search of a good authentic Mexican restaurant. After much searching I stumbled across this place. I’m glad I looked it up because my family and myself have passed the restaurant almost everyday and did not even realize that it was there. It is at a walking distance from my home and it never occurred to us that it ould be a family friendly.

In the title of the restaurant the word “cantina” appears in it which means bar which would also drive a family away but the bar is separated from dining room. The outside is not that inviting but I’m definitely glad that we gave it a shot. We walked in and we immediately felt welcomed. I had a very good meal and I know for a fact that all my family member were more than satisfied with their meal too. A small serving of refried beans, a bowl of tortilla chips and salsa was too much heat. My entree was carnitas, guacamole, rice, refried beans and hand- ade flour tortillas.

The corn tortillas and guacamole is made right beside you. It was very cool to watch. The carnitas were slightly different being seasoned with oranges instead of limes, how I am used to having them. The servings were plentiful but not huge. I was full, satisfied and I enjoyed it very much. With nine of us there were a variety of entrees ordered and everyone loved theirs. Mine was a cheese enchilada and Chile relleno, both were delicious. The second visit, I meet some friends there on a Friday night, I remember. The parking was a nightmare.

They had a huge section chained off where I believe a lot of their customers usually park. We ended up parking at the seven-eleven and some friends had to park across the street in a vacant lot. There was a twenty minute wait and there were people everywhere inside and outside waiting. Some friends decided to geta drink at the bar, and even though some were under age they still allowed us to hang around there. The bar is big, however, every seat was taken. There were two high seat tables on the side so we decided to grab one and those of age decided to order drinks at the bar.

Apart from the horribly small parking lot my friends and I agreed this was not our last time here. I definitely recommend this restaurant to any body in search of a good authentic Mexican restaurant. Overall good time had by all! It wasnt Just a meal it was an experience! Totally wholeheartedly recommended. Ambiance was beautiful authentic Mexican atmosphere. Service was as quick and attentive as they could be. Food was a definite score. Parking was a bit of bummer but we all survived and their service made up for that small hassle.


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