Term Definition
Solid is matter that has a definite shape and a definite volume
Liquid is matter with a definite volume but no definite shape
Viscosity is a measurement of a liquids resistance to flow
Surface the uneven forces acting on the particles on the surface of a liquid
Gas is a matter that has no definite volume and no definite shape
Vapor the gas state of a substance that is normally a solid or a liquid at room temperature
Kinetic energy the energy an object has due to its motion
Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in an object
Thermal energy is the total potential and kinetic energies of an object
Vaporization the change in state of a liquid into a gas
Evaporization is vaporization that occurs only at the surface of a liquid
Condensations the change of state from a liquid into a gas
Sublimation is the damage of state from a solid to a gas going through the liquid state
Deposition is the change of state of a gas to a solid without going through the liquid state

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