Term Definition
Ecosystem all the living and nonliving things in an area and their interactions
habitat provides all the things an organism needs to live
Biotic Factor Living organisms
Abiotic factor nonliving
Population a group of one species living in an area
Community different populations in an area
Niche the role that an organism has in an ecosystem
Carrying Capacity the number of organisms that can live in a habitat
Predator the one that hunts and eats other animals
Prey the one that gets hunted and eaten
Producers make their own food for energy
Consumers can’t make their own food and get energy from other producers of
Herbivores Eat only plants
Carnivores Eat only other animals
Omnivores eat plants and animals
Scavengers eats dead animals
Decomposers get energy by breaking down wastes and dead organisms
Food Chain a series of steps showing how energy moves from biotic factor to
Food Web a diagram of many different food chains
Symbiosis a long?term relationship between two different organisms.
Parasites live inside or outside another organism taking nutrients from that

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