Term Definition
Solid A substance with a definite shape and volume. The particles are very close, together and don't move past each other. Keeps it shape.
Liquid A substance with a definite volume but no definite shape.The particles can move past each other. Takes the shape of its container.
Gas A substance with no definite volume or shape. Particles spread out evenly and take shape of its container.Can be squeezed into a smaller volume.
Plasma Like a gas, but conducts electricity like a metal. Occurs at high temps or electric charge.
Melting Point Solid to liquid or liquid to solid. Same temp as the freezing point.
Evaporation When liquid becomes a gas.
Condensation When gas becomes a liquid. Gas particles touch a cold surface and the temp drops.
Boiling Point he temp at which evaporation occurs.
MIXTURE Two or substances that mix together but each keeps its own identity
SOLUTION A mixture where substance spreads out evenly and will not settle
SOLUTE The substance being dissolved
SOLVENT What the substance is dissolved in
SOLUBILITY A way to measure how much a material dissolves into another

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