vocab cards

Term Definition
The Rock Cycle an idealized process that rocks under go
Weathering wear away or change the appearance or texture
Erosion the gradual destruction of something
Sediments matter that settles to
Deposits where things gather
Organic living matter
Fossils the remains of a animal
Fossils in Sedimentary Rocks fossils that sediments formed around
Fossils in Igneous Rocks fossils stuck in lava, lava cools
Law of Superposition axioms that form one of the bases of science
Thoery of Plate Tectonics large scale motion of the outer crust movement
Thoery of Continental Drift Alfred Wagners theory
Alfred Wagner theory of the continental drift
Uniformitarianism principle of assumption
Sea Floor Spreading spreading and lava pushes up
What causes Plate Tectonic Movement lithosphere
Types of heat conduction,convection,buoyancy
Conduction heat is transferred through a surface
Radiation high energy particles
Structure of the Earth core,mantle,crust
Lithosphere hard ridged shell of the earth
Plate Boundary lithosphere
Divergent Boundary slide under
Convection Boundary rub past each other
Transform Boundary collide with eachother
Subduction sideways and downward movement of earths plates
Ring of Fire volcanic activity around the pacific ocean
Hot spot area that has high temperatures

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