Vocab for matter and elements

Term Definition
matter anything with mass and takes up space
mass the stuff matter is made out of that can be measured
space/volume place that matter takes up
density the amount of mass in specific volume of space
atom smallest part of an element
electron the negatively charged that ed particle of an atom that travels around the outer shells of an atom
proton the positively charged particle of an atom located in the nucleus of an atom
neutron the neutral particle in the nucleus that has no charge

Periodic Table

a large grid that identifies and classifies all the elements by their atomic number
element the simplest substance that cannot be broken down
periods/rows rows that tell how many energy levels each element has
groups or family/columns columns that tell how many valence electrons each element has
valence electrons the electrons the move around the outer shells of an atom
atomic number how many protons an element has in the nucleus
atomic mass the measurement of the mass for an elements atoms
chemical property the ability of elements to combine together
physical property the state of matter and appearance of a substance
ionic bond
covalent bond
chemical change/reaction
nobel gases
alkali metals

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