Vocab from the NOS unit

Term Definition
observation Using one or more of your senses to gather information
constant Conditions in an experiment that are kept the same
precision Close, repeated measurements
inference An educated guess based on previous knowledge or cues
prediction An educated guess about what will happen in the future
control group Variables are compared to this "normal" group that isn't changed.
meter Metric unit of measurement for distance
liter Metric unit of measurement for volume
International System of Units Metric system, based on powers of 10
accuracy How close a measurement is to the correct value
hypothesis Explanation of an observation that can be tested
independent variable This is what the scientist changes in an experiment
gram Metric unit of measurement for mass
scientific law Rule that describes a repeatable pattern in nature
dependent variable What is measured or observed in an experiment
experiment A test of the hypothesis
scientific theory An explanation (why or how) of observations that have occurred many, many times
scientific notation A method of writing large and small numbers in a shorter form

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