Vocab from Unit F, Evolution-Science, 7th grade

Question Answer
Endangered Species species that have such a small population that they are in danger of becoming extinct
Extinct last member of a species dies without any surviving offspring
Species a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals that can interbreed and produce viable offspring
Fossil any trace of life preserved in rock
Geologic Time Scale a system of chronological measurement that relates stratigraphy to time (timing and relationships between events that have occurred throughout Earth's history)
Paleontologists scientists who study fossils
Extinction the act of process of becoming extinct; a comint to an end or dying out
Law of Superpositioin when observing a sequence of rock layers, the top layer, along with any fossils it contains, is younger than any other layer in that sequence, and the bottom layer, along with any fossils it contains, is the oldest layer in that sequence
Stratigraphic Column a diagram representing a series of rock layers (think Grand Canyon) They can be made by looking at the sides of cliffs, or by looking at drill cores
Adaptation a certain trait which causes an organism to survive in its environment (webbed toes)
Evolution changes through time
Genes strands of DNA that code for traits which are observable
Natural Selection organisms that have advantageous adaptations have a greater chance of reproducing and passing that adaptation to offspring
Trait a version of a characteristic (long necks in giraffes)
Variation differences that arise among different members of a species
Competition when two different species do the same job in an ecosystem or eat the same food
Mutation when reproduction of genetic material does not happen perfectly
Speciation when a new species arises
Lamarck's theories on evolution are based on… Acquired Traits
Darwin's theories on evolution are based on… Traits that are passed down to the next generation

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