Vocab from"The Outsiders", Part 3, 7th grade

Question Answer
aghast struck with sudden amazement, fright or horror
daze to stun or shock with a sudden blow (especially to the head)
exploits a notable deed; spirited or heroic act
gleefully joyfully; merrily
juvenile delinquent a minor (under 18) who commits criminal acts such as theft, vandalism, or violence
palomino horse with a golden coat, white mane, and white tail found in the southwestern US
divert to turn from a specific path or course; veer
falter to hesitate in action or purpose
mere being nothing more nor better than something in comparison
reluctantly to do something unwillingly
scarce an insufficient amount to satisfy the need or demand of something
bolt to run away suddenly
stifle to suppress, curb, or withhold (as in an addiction or craving)
leery wary or suspicious
conformity behavior in correspondence with current styles and trends
They were in__________upon seeing the intimidating yet magnificent palace. aghast
She was in such a__________after getting hit in the head, but managed to come to relativity quickly. daze
He was well known for his small___________and deeds around the camp. exploits
I_________and joyfully sung the fun songs at the campfire gleefully
Many kids here are considered______________for committing harmless crimes. juvenile delinquent
The Pegasus was a beautiful____________. palomino
What caused her to___________from her path is still a mystery. divert
A single_________or hesitant in battle could loose you a limb. falter
In Olympus, mortals were__________pawns. mere
I___________drank from the goblet, trying not to gag at the stench. reluctantly
Supplies was low, and food was becoming more and more____________, but there was no where else to go. scarce
The graceful deer hesitated at the stream before__________into the woods. bolt
I had to____________a laugh as I watched him jump from here to there like a kangaroo. stifle
I was__________as I crept through the labyrinth, wary of my surroundings. leery
Everyone at camp wore the orange tee shirts, for it was an example of____________there. conformity

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