Vocabulary 12/16/15

Term Definition
Ground water water that seeps into the ground and is saved in pockets between rocks underground
Water vapor Water that has been heated and is evaporating
Source (River) Where the water first starts and where the flow of the rover comes from
Runoff When the water runs down a hill or mountain
Fertilizer Helps plants grow
Pesticides Kills insects and animals
Herbicides Kills weeds and unwanted plants
Nitrate The oxygen in the water
Algal bloom Algae that grows as a larger rate over water
Fish kills When fish die due to pollution and bacteria
Neuse river A polluted river that has gotten the attention of many due to its pollution rates
River basin
Turbidity The clarity of the water, how clear it is
Condensation When the water vapor comes together and forms clouds
Evaporation When the sun heats the water and it goes up into the atmoshere
Transpiration When water is evaporated from plants
Infiltration When water seeps into the ground
Percipitation When the water from the atmosphere
pH The acidity of the water
Dissolved Oxygen The oxygen levels in the water that are availableto the organisms in the water
Hypoxia The amount of oxygen reaching tissues

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