Vocabulary Etc.

Question Answer
A set of skills that enables an individual to become a more efficient listener Active Listening (Ch.1)
Healthcare Services that are delivered in an out-patient or nonhospital settings. It implies that the patients are able to ambulate, or walk to the clinic to receive their services Ambulatory Care (Ch.1)
Professional organization for laboratory personel that provides continuing education, conference activities and certification examinations for specified groups. American Society For Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) (Ch.1)
Professional organization that certifies many types of laboratory personnel based on their passing a certification examination. ASCP offers clinical research conferences, many types of continuing education activities and on going certification groups. American Society For Clinical Pathology (ASCP) (Ch.1)
Performance expectations that include entry level skills, tasks, and rules performed by the designated healthcare worker. Competency Statement (Ch.1)

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