vocabulary for 8th science EOG

Term Definition
ecosystem interactive systems that include both biological and physical components of the environment
population group of organisms belonging to the same species that live in a particular area
symbiosis relationship that exists between organisms of two different species that live together in direct contact
food chain simplest path that energy takes through an ecosystem
chemosynthesis process of using chemicals like methane or sulfur to make food
biotic living factors in an ecosystem
abiotic nonliving factors in an ecosystem
nonrenewable resources that cannot be replaced in nature
renewable resources that can be replaced or reused in nature
conservation preventing the loss of a resource by way of thoughtful management of it
mutualism type of symbiosis in which both species benefit
commensalism type of symbiosis in which one species benefits while the other species is neither benefited nor harmed
parasitism type of symbiosis in which one species benefits to the harm of the other

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