Vocabulary for Chapter 4 lessons 1-5

Term Definition
Evergreen a plant that keeps green leaves on its branches all year
deciduous plant a plant that loses all of its leaves for a part of the year
photosynthesis the process that plants use to make sugar for food
producer organism that makes its own food for energy
consumer organism that cannot make its own food
decomposer organism that gets its energy by breaking down wastes and dead organisms
pollution any substance that damages the environment
cellular respiration the process by which cells break down sugar to release energy
habitat a place that provides all the things an organism needs to live
population a group of organisms of one species that live in an area at the same time
ecosystem all the living and nonliving things in an area and their interactions
prey any animal that is hunted by others for food
predator an animal that hunts and eats another animal
community the group of all populations in an area
conservation an attempt to preserve or protect an environment from harmful changes

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