vocabulary for marine ecosystems

Term Definition
Ecosystem multiple parts of an environment working together
Biotic Factor was alive or is alive
Abiotic Factor never alive
Bioluminescent when organisms make their own light
Estuary fresh and salt water mixed, home to all kinds of life, marine ecosystem
Deep ocean 1 km to 11 km, Midnight, Abyssal, Hadal
Trenches cracks in the ocean floor caused by plates moving, in Hadal zone
Salinity how much salt is in the water
Nekton aquatic animals that can move and swim independently
Plankton microorganisms floating in the water
Vacuole used by marine plants to store salt water
Food Web the process in which organisms eat, cycle of life
Hydro-thermal Vents vents in the bottom of the ocean that release hot water
Ridge when plates move together or apart causing mountain like structures
Water Pressure how dense the water is, gets higher as you go down
Oceans Large bodies of salt water that have many species living in them
Marine Organisms different species that live in the ocean
Chemo-synthesis making food with heat and chemical energy (tube worm)
Tides the rise and fall of the ocean

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