Vocabulary for science

Question Answer
Formula for work W=FxD
Formula for power P=W?T
Wave speed formula Wave speed = Wave length ? Wave period
Tommy lifted a box, he applied 30N and carried it for 2M, how much work was applied? 30Nx2M=60J
Force A push or pull exerted on an object (newtons)
Work The use of force to move an object some distance (Joules)
Wave Vibrations of particles
Medium The material (solid, liquid, or gas) that waves travel through
Crest The highest point on a wave
Trough The lowest point on a wave
Longitudinal wave Particles move parallel to the direction that the wave moves
Compression When part of a wave becomes more compact
Rarefaction When part of a wave spreads out
Transverse wave Particles move perpendicular to the direction of the wave
Mechanical wave Waves that require a medium
Electromagnetic waves Waves are not disturbances in a physical medium
Amplitude Measure of how far particles in the medium move from the rest position
Wavelength The distance from any point on a wave until the next identical point
Frequency The number of waves that pass a point in a given amount of time
Hertz (Hz) The measure of frequency
Wave speed How well a wave length moves through a medium
Wave length formula Wave length = wave speed ? frequency
Lucy lifted an apple with 20J and held it for 2sec, how much power was used? 20J?2sec=10watt
Bert wanted to know his work ability after using 80N and walking 4M 80Nx4M=320J
If Sophie moved 10M and had a work of 80J, what was her force? 80J?10M=8N
Bill had a work of 60J and 30N what was his distance? 60J?30N=2M
Clary has a force of 80N and traveled 5M, what is her work? 80Nx5M=400J
If a wave is 8in and the wave period is 4 waves per second what is the wave speed? 8IN?4WPS=2 wave speed
A body builder has a force of 150N and has a work of 300J what was his distance? 300J?150N=2M
Jace walked for 1H and had a work of 35J what was his power? 35J?1H=35watt

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