Vocabulary related to ecosystems and food chains

Term Definition
instinct a behavior that an animal is born with
decomposer living things that get energy from breaking down dead plants and animals
omnivore an animal that eats both plants and animals
carnivore an animal that eats only other animals
herbivore an animal that eats only plants
consumer living things that eat plants and animals to get their energy
producer living things that make their own food
food chain a food relationship between plants and animals in the environment
migration a long journey animals make when seasons change
learned behavior a behavior that is taught
adaptation how an animal's body or behavior helps it survive
mimicry when an animal looks like something else in its environment
behavioral adaptation something an animal does that helps it survive
shelter a place where an animal raises its young and protects itself from the weather and its enemies
hibernation when an animal goes into deep winter sleep
physical adaptation how animal looks that hepls it survive
camouflage an animal's color that helps it blend into it environment
ecosystem all of the living and nonliving things in an environment
habitat the place where an animal lives
terrestrial dry land environment
aquatic wet land environment
population a group of organisms that are the same kind and live in the same place
community all of the populations of living things that live together in the same evironment
organism a living thing
prey an animal that is hunted by other animals
predator an animal that hunts other animals

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