Vocabulary Science Tools

Term Definition
Calculator Used to calculate mathematical problems
Hand Lens Makes smaller objects look bigger
Metric Ruler Measures length in centimeters
Thermometer Measures temperature in Celcius
Balance Measures mass in grams
Graduated Cylinder Measures volume in milliliters
Beaker Measures volume in milliliters
Compass Indicates direction
Stopwatch Measures time
Goggles Protects eyes
Collection Net Catches insects
Measuring Tape Measures length in centimeters
Sound Recorder Records and plays back sound
Spring Scale Measures the pull of gravity or weight of an object in newtons
Microscope Uses a lens to magnify very small images
Camera Captures images
Hot Plate Heats up substances
Magnet Attracts magnetic objects
Lens A curved piece of glass that is used to make objects appear larger or smaller
Telescope Use to make objects that are far away appear larger using mirrors and/or lenses
Mass Pieces How mass is measured on a balance in grams
Measuring Cups Measures volume in milliliters
Measuring Spoons Measures volume in milliliters
Aquarium A habitat where animals live in water
Terrarium A habitat where animals live on land
Science Notebook A place to record data

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