Vocabulary words from unit B-4.

Term Definition
hazardous waste Waste that is potentially harmful to the environment or others’ health.
recycle/recyclability To convert waste into reusable materials.
circuit board A thin, rigid board containing an electrical circuit.
etch To cut or carve a design into a surface.
concentration A close gathering or grouping together of sub-units of a substance or object.
dilution/serial dilution The action of making a liquid weaker/thinner, typically by adding another liquid.
indicator A display or sign of some sort that signals the state or level of something.
combustion The process of burning something.
incineration The process of destroying something via combustion.
reclaim/reclaimed/reclamation To extract a substance from another substance to get it back again.
filtrate A liquid that has passed through a filter.
precipitate/precipitation The formation of a solid from a chemical reaction.

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