Vocabulary words from unit D-1.

Term Definition
characteristics Groups of qualities or features that help to set something apart from something else.
gene A unit passed down from parent to child that holds information that determines certain characteristics of offspring.
genetics The study of heredity and inherited characteristics.
inherited trait A trait that is genetically passed down from parent to child.
acquired trait A trait that you get or develop from the environment around you.
trait A specific quality or attribute that typically sets something apart from something else.
asexual reproduction Reproduction that only involves one parent. In this, the offspring shares the exact same genetic information as the parent.
cell The smallest unit of life.
clone An artificial method of reproducing an organism’s exact genetic information with only one parent. Not to be confused with asexual reproduction.
mutation An unexplained inconsistency in the genes of an organism. Associated primarily with asexual reproduction.
sexual reproduction Reproduction that involves two parents. In this, the offspring receives half of each parent’s genes.
allele Two or more alternate forms of a gene or characteristic.
dominant The gene that has a higher chance of appearing in offspring.
recessive The “hidden trait” that has less of a chance of appearing in offspring.
homozygous Two identical alleles.
heterozygous Two different alleles.
phenotype The physical appearance of an organism.
genotype The genetic appearance of an organism.
punnett square A diagram used to predict the outcome of a cross or breeding experiment.

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