Voting System Essay

CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING A. Introduction The Student Council elections have always been a perennial activity for every school. It is an activity wherein each student is required to choose from a set of candidates who will represent each position in the Student Council. In order for the student to accomplish this, the student must go through several processes. First the student must go to the Administration Office if he is a registered voter, then goes to the voting area and chooses the candidates he likes.

After that, the student submits the filled-up ballot form to the voting administrator in order for his votes to be cast. Then the student is marked with an indelible ink to signify that he has already voted. After all the votes have been cast, the voting procedure goes again through several processes. The votes are collected and are then counted, which could take several hours to several days, depending on the volume of votes. B. Background of the Study The introduction of computers greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of voting process.

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Results could be attained even right after the elections reducing the time to a mere fraction compared to the time it takes if the voting is done manually. It also increases the level of the voting experience because of multimedia enhancements. The manual voting system of San Juan National High school lacks the advantages of a Graphical User Interface that the Windows OS could offer. It is in this effect that the proponent has decided to propose a system to improve the existing manual voting system.

The proponent aims to convert the existing manual system into a Graphical User Interface to take advantage of the many possibilities that a visual program could offer. C. The Theoretical Framework The following paradigm illustrates the theory of the input-process-output of the system. Existing System Proposed System Fig 1. 0 Theoretical Framework of Existing and Proposed System The Theoretical Framework of the study can be clearly explained through the Input-Processed-Output Paradigm. The Input represents those things that brought into the system processing.

Processing is the step that represents the transformation of the things that entered the system as input. A series of processing that takes place to complete the transformation. The system will be the one to provide the list of all the candidates for each position, thus, giving the user the easiness and time-saving effort compared to the manual system. The system will automatically tabulate the votes of the user. The results of the processing are represented by the Output that is the results of the tabulation for each candidate.

The middle portion of the paradigm represents the existing system, illustrating the manual process of gathering information from the student. This serves as the proponents input, then the process is the one wherein the proponents fills up the necessary forms, listing down all the candidates, plus the effort of the administrator to tally all the votes manually and compute the total number of votes for each candidates, thus, resulting to the output wherein the administrator will produce the results of the election. D. Statement of the Problem

The study aims on the development and design of Student Council Voting to make it more efficient for the students and staff in the campus. The study will answer the following questions: 1. What are the perception of the student and staff on the following items: a. Accuracy of casting votes b. Speed of processing of the entire voting procedure. c. Security of vote ballots. 2. How speed affects the efficiency of Student Council Election in terms of paper ballot system? 3. In case there’s a need to deliver additional candidates information during the voting procedure, is it possible to add one?

E. Significance of the Study The focus of this study is on the improvement of manual system of San Juan National High school. Aside from the fact that it can be used in a school-based election, for future enhancements and modifications, it can also be used in a nationwide election. Economic Significance. Due to the fact that the existing manual system is very time consuming, with the proposed system it can be used as a tool for decreasing the number of people assisting the election. Hence, it lessen the cost of the school expenses. Social Significance.

We can say that the proposed system is subject for enhancement in case that it will be used for the small organization election, thus, making the Philippines one of the countries that will be practicing a computerized system election for academic institution. In addition, it also familiarized people how computerized voting works. Technological Significance. The system has its contribution for the development and widely use of technology. F. Scope and Delimitation The proponent proposed a system entitled, “SJNHS Student Council’s Voting System” which will be programmed in Visual Basic.

Net. The proposed system is capable of running in a networked environment and has a user-friendly interface. The proposed system also has improved efficiency in terms of program security. It can also produce a printed output of the tally sheets of each candidate. It can also display all the names of the voters and those who haven’t voted yet. The student should only enter their voter id number and they will already be able to vote. The system has also its limitations. It cannot be applied in a nationwide electoral area. G. Definition of terms Vote.

Act of choosing: the act if making a choice or stating a preference to determine the outcome of something. Election. The act of choosing a person to fill an office, or to membership in a society, as by ballot, uplifted hands, or viva voce; as, the election of a president or a mayor. Ballot. a device used to record choices made by voters. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE A. Foreign Since Visual Basic t is easy to learn and fast to write code with, it’s sometimes used to prototype to an application that will later be written in a more difficult but efficient language. Visual Basic is also widely used to write working programs.

According to www. wikipedia. com It is impossible for any one system to be “perfect”, because some of the considerations in what makes a voting system good are contradictory. For example, if one candidate is intensely popular among most people and intensely unpopular among the rest, are they better or worse than a candidate universally accepted unenthusiastically? Different voting systems draw the line in different places.

Based on www. groups. google. com “All voting systems, including the new ones being proposed-the Internet and direct entry balloting all have flaws,” According to Rebecca T. Mercuri, “The question is which flaws do you trade off for? ” Ref. www. groups. google. com In the book, “Visual Basic for Windows SF”, “Visual Basic is so rich and powerful that endeavoring to provide and encyclopedic reference to this language exceeded are our predictions about how much time it would take and how large the book would eventually be. (p. viii) Visual basic is interesting and fu because it enables you to write sophisticated professional programs for windows in a very short time. Richard E. Fairlez,(1998) in the book Software Engineering Concepts stated that: The most important quality attribute of a software product is usefulness; i. e. the software must satisfy user needs. This may be painfully obvious, but delivered software products frequently does not perform the function respected of them. (p. 66) Software play a vital role for a computer system because one cannot function without the aid of the other.

It makes everything convenient and is possible to make everything become the way we imagine them to be. Charles Putzold,(1986),Active X quoted that: “For those of us who make out living exploring the complexities of Windows programming to programmers. , Visual Basic serves as a real threat to our livelihood. ”(p. 3) “It is a simple piece of hardware that has passed all sorts of security tests. There is no need to update the technology for technology’s sake. The more complicated the technology, and the more software is added, the greater the chance of it going wrong. ” CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY A. Method of Research

Research is a purposeful, precise and systematic search for new knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, or for the re-interpretation of existing knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. Each part of the method used is carefully detailed according to its importance and relevance since this section should answer the question of what, how, and why, the proponent came up with these methods: Descriptive Research Method This method of research used involves on the description and interpretation of data and facts, it describes what is the composition or processes of phenomena, practices, situation and current conditions.

It sometimes involves comparison and contrast to optimum result. This type of method describes what exists and it often involves comparison and contrast. Creative Research Method This method practically involves creative thinking and imaginary approach on how to make the proposed system an essential tool on the user. This method refers to reflective thinking which evaluates the aesthetic and artistic element of human experience in a creative management. Library Research Method This research method was used throughout the course of the study.

Since the proposed system aims to automate the currently used voting procedure, the proponent used books, magazines and other printed materials necessary in the formulation of this study. This method was employed to gather relevant data and information to the formulation of the proposed system and the development of respect for using software in different aspects. B. Locale of the Study The San Juan National High School, which was established in 1969 during the time of then Mayor Joseph Estrada, is the lone public high school in the City.

The first student council election was in 1980. The student council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school principals. They often help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects and school reforms. Gathering information and practicing the existing system somehow improved their student council election since it was established. The respondents of the study are the student of San Juan National High school, San Juan City, Manila, the Administrative staff and the faculty. C. Participants

The target respondents of the study are the students of San Juan National High school, San Juan City *Total number of target respondents (population). = 1596 *Number of actual respondents (sample). 1596 n = ______________ 1+1596(0. 05)2 n = sample N = population e = margin or error D. Research Instruments The proponents will survey using questionnaires and personal interview to gather information from the respondents and participants. This helps in the development of the proposed system because specific questions regarding the system will be answered by a number of respondents.

In addition, the proponents will be able to know feedbacks from the users of the system if implemented, therefore would know the usefulness of the machine. D. Research Instruments The proponents will survey using questionnaires and personal interview to gather information from the respondents and participants. This helps in the development of the proposed system because specific questions regarding the system will be answered by a number of respondents. In addition, the proponents will be able to know feedbacks from the users of the system if implemented, therefore would know the usefulness of the machine.

E. Data Gathering This part shows the Observation, Questionnaire, Interview and Evaluation that was conducted by the researchers to the respondents regarding the existing system. A dry run would be conducted to limited people to be able to enhance more the system based on the feedback of the users. In our informal initial interview we’ve conducted to some of the students and staffs of the school, the proponent knew the importance of effective and accurate research and thus used the following dependent data gathering methods

Observation – The proponents employed an observation as a technique of gathering data. It is an act of observing, noting, and recording certain facts and aspects of work. The researchers used this technique to determine and describe the problems of the existing system. It helps the researchers to acquire more knowledge and critic the system in order to enhance the existing system into more accurate, convenient and time conserving system. Questionnaires – The questionnaire is another Data gathering tool. It consists of questions related to the research.

Through the use of questionnaire, the researchers easily determine what are the things that should be enhance regarding the existing system, it also serves as the basis in the development of the proposed system. Evaluation – The proponents developed an evaluation form in which the respondents will assess or appraise the performance of the proposed and existing system accordingly. The scoring in 5 categories of the system includes such as Five (5) Always, Four (4) Often, Three (3) for Sometimes, Two (2) for Rarely and One (1) for Never.

Interview – The interview is a data-gathering device in which from one point of view maybe considered an oral type of questionnaire in which the researchers gets the needed information from the subject or interviewee verbally and directly in face-face contact. Through this, the researcher conducted an interview personally and was able to get the response from the employees and students of San Juan National High school, Manila and also to hear their valuable comments. Through this interview, the researchers can easily determine and visualize the proposed study that they will create, in order to enhance the existing system.

F. Treatment of Data Formula to compute the Mean: 1. Frequency Mean (FM) = ? f (x1 + x2 + ………… xn) n Where: f = frequency or number of times that a given number (x) was chosen by the respondents as rating for a given criterion. x = represents any of the numerical ratings 5,4,3,2,1 representing the evaluator’s rating options for each given criterion. n = refers to the sample size or the total number of respondents. Formula to compute the Weighted Mean: 2. Weighted Mean (WM) = ? f (x1 + x2 + … xn) n Percentage: % = (f/n)* 100 G. Design Strategy 1. Planning

The proponents determined the feasibility of whether the project should proceed or not. It is an overview of the identifying problems and objective of the proposed system. It analyzes the needs of the data to expand the system. 2. Writing The writing of the program will take approximately from February to May 2010. The proponents chose Visual Basic 6. net for the interface because the encoding procedure is much easier than the other language and MySQL Lite which is free as the database for the development of this system. 3. Testing The proponents will test the outcome of the system as soon as it is running and ready for implementation.

A few dry runs will be conducted to enhance further the system and to solve any problems that the system may encounter. 4. Implementation The system will be implemented as soon as the testing phase of the development is finish. The feedback of the trials and dry runs would be very crucial in running the system. ———————– INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT Students name and other related information Fill up the registration form, enlistment assessment. Fill up ballot form Voting Results Voting of student through the list of candidates display Student voter number Voting Result


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