Waleed Allohabi Essay

8 May 2017
Germany in the U.S.A
The popularity of Germany and the German church in the United States was actually very popular at one point. Many Americans are the descendants of the German immigrants that settled in the United States from Germany. The largest flow ofGerman immigration that occurred in America occurred between 1820 until World War I and even until World war ll. Approximately six millionGermanimmigrants arrived in the United States from 1840 to 1880. The Germans were the largest group ofimmigrants to ever enter the United States. Not only that, but the Germans were very known and had a lot of influence on the country. The Germans were the first non-English speaking immigrant group to arrive in the United States in large amounts. Also, Germans participated in major roles in American economic development, U.S. military forces, the abolitionist movement, and other important objectives. German immigrants continued to make important contributions to the United States during the twentieth century.

Missouri has a lot of German history and experience. Specifically, St. Louis is the main city in Missouri that had all the German immigrants. A lot of the St.Louisansof today come from German decent.From the mid-1830s untiltheWorld Wars, Germans flooded into St. Louis. There were many forms of transportation centered in St. Louis so many Germans liked that. SomeGermansonly passed through on their way to other Missouri citiesor other states. Butsinceso many stayedin St. Louis,thepopulation in St. Louis grew more than triplefrom 4,977 in 1830 to 16,469 by 1840.

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GermanProtestants founded the first German church in St. Louis in 1834. German Catholics and German Lutherans also formed churches in St. Louis, and a small amountof German Jews also came to St. Louis during this time. In 1850, more than half of the nearly 78,000 St.Louisanswere of German descent. Manyof themjoined Union supporters in the Civil War, helping keep Missouri fromseparatingfrom the country.Thefastarrivalof immigrants into St. Louis led to overcrowding,housing shortage,diseases, and the death of many people. However,itadditionallyresulted in opportunities for both thecapable and the incapable. A lotGerman immigrants had some educationand often arrived trained in tradeskills. They quickly established themselves and contributed to St. Louis’s growthand success.German immigrants today originally established many of the industries in St. Louis.

As you can see,the popularity of the Germany and the German church in the United States was very popular in the history of the United States and specifically Missouri.GermanProtestants, German Catholics, German Lutherans, and German Jews all chose St. Louis to be there home, making St. Louis one of the biggest German areas in the country. Many Americans are the descendants of the German immigrants that settled in the United States that came from Germany. Germany is very important in the United States history and without the influence and arrival of all the German people the country may not be the way it is today. German influence and the German Church may not be a big topic anymore but the impact Germany has on United States from the original German culture and all the German roots that U.S. and Missouri has today is remarkable.


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