Walking for Fitness Essay

WALKING FOR FITNESS PROGRAM BY VICTORIA MORRIS HCA 250 WALKING FOR FITNESS PROGRAM The program that I am going to put together is a Walking for Fitness Program. This program is going to be aimed towards the nurses and doctors at St. Mary’s Hospital. The age range is for 25-60 year olds. It doesn’t matter what a person’s language or back ground is because it is open to everyone. In this program there are four goals that one would like to see come out of this program. The first goal would be for the participants to feel better about themselves health wise.

The second goal is to help participants improve on-the-job time utilization and decision making. The third goal is to have participants become closer with their fellow co-workers. Finally, the last goal would be to help the participants come up with a good walking system. There are many different ways to get participants interested in this walking program. Some things that would keep participants interested in this walking program would be for the team members to create a t-shirt with a slogan on it that is fun and creative. It could say something along the lines of “Walking to Save Lives”.

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Another aspect would be to have incentives for walking such as having different kinds of awards. A newsletter, and a website for people to read and post comments and thoughts on about their walking experiences. Incentives and awards would be given once a month to those that have walked the farthest distance, and lost the most weight. These incentives are related to the program goals because these incentives will help participants to see and realize how important it is to stay healthy. If the participants choose trails that are safe, this will cut back on the amou0nts of injuries.

In order for us to have a long term success rate, we would have to have the support of other people in the community. Also, by the Walking for Fitness Program providing different types of activities this would allow more people to be interested in the program. One important thing to teach the people that participate in the program is different walking techniques. We could also hold a walking event for the public and raise money for St. Jude’s Hospital. Participants can measure their progress by keeping track of how far they have walked each day as well as how much weight a person has lost each week.

After people have completed the walking program, we as the committee could make the program open all year long. Some other incentives would be to give out tickets to different concerts and even to theme parks; this would help people stay interested in the program. St. Mary’s Hospital could make posters and brochures to hand out to people in the neighborhood as well. The most important aspect of walking is the shoes that a person wears. Sometimes people buy shoes that do not fit properly. This may cause people to either over or under pronate their feet. This is when one rolls their foot either inward or outward.

If one shops for shoes in the evening, it is said that it allows your shoes to fit better after a long walk or run because the shoes will not be tight on a person’s feet. Keep in mind that different brands of shoes may fit differently and that your shoe size may change over time due to things like weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and even by increased exercising activities. Find shoes that will best suit the area a person will be walking in. Another thing is to make sure your shoes will support your arches. This will ensure that one’s feet will not be bruised or injured.

Take time to find the right pair of shoes before one starts walking. Once each participant finds the perfect pair of shoes, then they are ready to start walking. (Health Heart & Mind) There are many reasons that people take time out of their day. Some reasons that this happens is because it can be a very relaxing, and peaceful event and past time. When a person takes time out of their day to walk, it can help keep people healthy and in better condition. People should participate in the Walking for Fitness Program because it can help reduce stress in one’s life and workplace.

It also helps to burn body fat, raise ones metabolism, and elevates ones mood, and helps reduce health issues that may arise otherwise. These would be things like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and strokes. It is said that for every minute that a person walks, it extends a person’s life by 1. 5 to 2 minutes. (Walking for Fitness) If participants take better care of themselves, and their health, it would better benefit not only the people who are participating in the program, but also their workplace. If a person is healthier, then it cuts down ones health care costs.

If a person is healthy it will not only make them feel more energized and it helps them in their workplaces. This helps in reducing absenteeism and lost time, along with improving their on the-job time utilization, and ones decision making. When a nurse or doctor is healthy and feels good about their bodies, then they are better able to take care of their patients and make them healthy as well. It also allows for better judgments and a clear mind. When people walk, every night or even every other day for about 30 minutes, they can reduce heart diseases by 30-40 percent.

This is available to people of all ages. Even if elderly people go for walks as well, and use a cane or walking stick to help stabilize them and to keep their balance. By walking and exercising it will tone up one’s body, help a person lose weight, as well as maintain a healthier body. It also helps a person feel more energized. If a person finds a route to walk on that makes them feel good, then they should stick to that routine. Sometimes weather is going to be a factor and a problem when it comes to walking. When this occurs participants can also walk on treadmills, and on indoor track at a club.

This will help people stay in shape. People can walk in many different places. For example, people can walk on trails in parks, outdoor on tracks, or even on indoor tracks. According to some studies done at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, it shows that if people walk four times a week for about 20-30 minutes a day it will increase the strength of a person’s heart and lungs, as well as ones immune system. (Smart Heart Living-Walking your way to heart health) When it comes to cultural beliefs, and people’s perceptions about this program, it may vary from person to person.

Some may think that they cannot participate in the program because they speak a different language and do not understand what is being said. This program can easily be resolved by having different language interpreters for each language that works in the hospital. This would let those people that want to be in the program feel better about themselves because they can now understand what is being talked about. Sometimes when people are exercising and walking setbacks may occur. Sometimes participants may roll their ankles, sprain their backs or even fall over a log for example and break their arm.

When things like this happen it can cause a major setback, and lower ones motivation and self esteem. The best thing for a participant to do when these things happen is to go see their doctor right away. This will help in the healing process. Just remember to elevate ones injuries and keep them iced, this helps with the swelling. Participants can do different exercising while they are recovering from their injuries like weight lifting or water aerobics. Once a person is healed completely, they can get back into their walking groove slowly so not to injure themselves again. Overcoming a fitness Set Back) As one can see, this Walking for Fitness program is a very good idea. It not only allows participants to feel good about their bodies, it also allows them to be healthier. This in turn lets them live a longer life and perform better at work and with the jobs that they do as nurses and doctors. Over all everyone benefits from this program. REFERANCE PAGE 1. HEALTHY HEART & MIND, THURSDAY JULY 24, 2008, RETRIEVED JULY 18, 2010 C:UsersSeabee BuilderDesktopVictoria’s FilesHealthy Heart ; Mind Cardio Choosing the Right Shoes for Power Walking. ht 2. WALKING FOR FITNESS, RETRIEVED JULY 18, 2010 C:UsersSeabee BuilderDesktopVictoria’s FilesWalking for Fitness. mht 3. SMART HEART LIVING,WALKING YOUR WAY TO HEART HEALTH; RETRIEVED JULY 19, 2010 C:UsersSeabee BuilderDesktopVictoria’s FilesWalking for Heart Health and Cardiac Rehab. mht 4. OVER COMING A FITNESS SETBACK, BY MARK FENTON, RETRIEVED JULY 19, 2010 C:UsersSeabee BuilderDesktopVictoria’s FilesOvercoming a Fitness Setback Unavoidable Disruptions Get Motivated Reader’s Digest. mht


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