Wall-E Essay

Introduction This movie took place in the year 2805. The earth is cover with garbage. The humans have all been relocated to a star liner called Axiom. Trash compactor robots are left on earth to clean it up. Then the company Buy ‘n’ Large decides to shut down all the robots except one, Wall-E Recycling Wall-E was the last of his kind of robots left on earth to clean it up. Every day, Wall-E would go to a section or sector of the earth and gather up garbage, compact it until it was a square shape.

He would then, take the recycled squares and began stacking them until they formed buildings. A sky view made it look like a recycled city. Even though this is a movie, this is something that I believe is already becoming a problem. We are starting to run out of places to put trash. So, trash is being shipped to other countries and some is even being dumped in places it should be. We as a country need to figure out how to reduce the amount of trash that is produced. Can more re-useable and recycled products be made, so that it is not so hazardous to citizens?

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I feel it would be very helpful if all businesses, schools, churches, restaurants and private homes would setup recycling. It is easy to do and it would help with the amount of trash that is produced every day. It would be easier to recycle it into something use like renewable energy. For me personally this movie opened my mind. Even though it is Just a fictional movie, the context of the movie is completely plausible. We can keep ignoring this issue and before we know it we may be face with a crisis situation where the trash out numbers the entire earth’s WALL-E 3 population.

In our house hold we separate certain things like paper, plastic and newspapers, but we can do more on our part. Love/Emotions/Feelings The one similarity I notice in nine out of every ten movies that are released today, the underline story line is about a girl. It could be someone lost a girl and wants her back. A special girl could have been killed and someone is out for revenge or Just a plan old love story. I don’t have an issue with love stories, but I do wish movies now-a-days had different storylines. If it is not a western or a war movie, than it is about a girl.

This animated movie was no different. There were other themes in the movie, but it boiled down to Wall-E meeting a more advanced female robot named Eve and instantly begins to like her. Yes, he is a robot, but after 700 years of life experience he has not only learned how to repair himself, but he has also developed feelings and motions. Wall-E does all he can to show Eve how he feels. He saves her from a dust storm by taking her to his place and shows her his enormous collection of trinkets he has collected over the years. She is mildly curious.

This is no different than the way we as human beings behave today, when we find someone who interests us we do all we can to gain the attention of the other person. We wine and dine them, put on our best behavior and will even introduce them to be the person you will want to spend the rest of your life with. Technology 4 This movie was all about technology everything that was done was done by a robot r a computer. In our present day we are a technology ran society. This movie is not off too far as to how far technology could go. We are already so technically dependant that we feel the need to be plugged in at all times.

Take New York City, with all the big video screens and running electronic boards, is the same way it was in the movies. The people in the movie were completely dependent on technology. They lived on a computerized star liner with a human captain and his auto co-pilot. The people were so lazy that they did not even walk; they were carted around on over chairs that were attached with video screens, which allow the humans to communicate with one another, watch television ads and even get their food and drink through a straw type device.

We may feel that some websites we go to are Just filled with advertisements but on Axiom there was a never ending sea of advertisements. When Wall-E and Eve were on the run, their faces were instantly put onto every computer screen available. It was very difficult for them to hide. That seems similar to todays society. You can really hide. If someone wants to find you the easiest way to do that is to Google that person’s name. We also have the ability to run background checks on people. That is not something only companies can do now.

That whole idea is a little disconcerting, that anyone anywhere can get information about me or a member of my family and there is little or nothing I can do about it. Or, before you realize someone has gotten information about you it is for the most part too late. This is something I do not see changing in the future. If anything it may become easier. WALL-E 5 Reference Producer, Jim Morris, & Director, Andrew Stanton. (2008). Wall-E. United States. Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios


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