walmart Essay

Walmart One stop shop and low prices for all, Walmarts expanding company is a great system that has developed through-out the world. But is this completely true? Values and oppotunies of other “mom and pop shops” have lowered due to Walmarts sucess. There are pros and cons on walmart that i personally agree with both ways. Walmart can be very efficient but its efficiency takes Jobs away from people as fast as it supplies people with Jobs. July 2, 1962 in Rogers Arkansas, Sam Walton opend up what was going to the most nfluental and evolutionary company in the world, Walmart. he company of walmart has brought forth so many things to people around the world. “Walmart has more full-time employees 2. 1 million than seven times the population of Iceland. ” This number is extreme. Walmart has provided many work oppotunies that could range from hundreds of postions. This company has expanded thoroughout the world. “Walmart operates internationally under 55 different names, including Walmex in Mexico, Asda in the I-JK, Seiyu in Japan, and Best Price in India. Walmart opporating around the world tells us that its in the best intrests of the public.. here are many things you can get there at low prices. by making prices chheap and available, it has raised the standard of living of average americans. “Wal-Mart’s impact on the economy goes further than most ever imagined. Wal-Mart’s managerial innovations contributed mightily to the big increase in American productivity in the late 1990’s, an increase most observers assumed came from high-technology companies. ” Although walmart has alot of perks, there are some things that walmart does that has a bad overall effect.

Because of its expanding community and the efficientness of it, Walmart has taken the spotlight off of so many little “mom and pop” shop and has lead them out of buisness. “Wal-Mart expansion in Iowa was solely responsible for the extensiveclosings of mom-and-pop stores, including 555 grocery stores, 298 hardware stores, 293 building suppliers, 161 variety shops,1 58 women’s stores, and 116 pharmacies. ” -Wal-Mart Watch, 2005. With that many companies closing as soon as a Walmart opens up in a city, state, etc. , gives walmart a bad reputation.

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Studies say that Walmart takes Jobs away from people Just as fast or even faster than giving jobs to people. There are many things that studies may show and people may despise or favor in regards to Walmart. In my opion i think Walmart is a good and bad thing. Being soo ifluential and widespread with efficient shopping gives me the feeling that walmart is a great pleace. on the other hand, the fact that walmart takes so many Jobs away rom people and how fast it can tear down companies makes me wonder if it actually is a good thing.

Overall, Walmart will be around for a long time and no matter what there will alwys be different opionions about it. The best things are low prices and one stop opportunity to buy clothing, sports equpitiment, childrens toys, and so many other things. The “mom and pop” shop closings are Just a big thing that people seem to see as walmarts fault. As i see it, If it helps our community and rises the standard of living for the american people, than its a great thing.


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