Warid Telecom Essay

PROJECT OUTLINE HISTORY OF WARID TELECOM Al wateen telecom introduces Warid telecom in Pakistan, which is a telecom company of Abu Dhabi. They introduce Warid telecom march 2004 in Pakistan and they hired the ceo of the company in June 2004. Mission Statement “Warid Telecom’s stated mission is to be the leader in innovation and services” Company’s Vision “To become the leader in national communications arena with a strong international presence” “To be the national communication provider with a strong International presence” ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR OF WARID • Warid Telecom is a commercial organization and only profit is not its objective. Warid Telecom is working as a private company with the direct foreign investment. • Warid Telecom is a large organization having a large number of employees at middle level, lower level and non managerial level. CORE BRAND VALUE The core brand value of Warid is: • Quality • Simplicity • Innovation • Customer friendliness • Honesty MARKET SHARE OF WARID TELECOM • The market share of Warid telecom is 20% and other five companies have 80% market share. • Warid is attain its target and now there are 3 million customer of Warid telecom on Pakistan in 300 days and area of coverage is 83 cities.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE • Warid Telecom is a tall organization because of more vertical organizational levels. That you will see in the hierarchy of Warid Telecom under the head of “Chain of Command”. • Warid Telecom is operating its managerial activities with the help of centralized approach, because hire managers do not allowed decision making to the lower level managers. DECISION MAKING Decision making of Warid comprises of different styles: • Directive • Democratic • Behavioral • Analytical CHAIN OF COMMAND DEPARTMENTATION Warid divide their employ on the basis of different department: Sales and marketing • Human resource department • Customer service department • I t department CULTURE OF ORGANIZATION The culture of organization is: • Centralized • Organic • Modern • Interconnected Institute Of Management Sciences Organizational Behavior Topic: Project Outline of Warid Telecom Submitted To: Sir Tafzil Hussain Submitted By: Huda Javaid Rafia Rafi Iqra Aslam Anum Nisar Hira Ashfaq ———————– CEO Team Members Supervisors Coordinators Executive Managers Assistant Managers Managers Senior Managers General Managers

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