Water Bed or Memory Foam Essay

Water Bed or Memory Foam 1 Water Bed or Memory foam Kristin Teague English Composition I Brian Davis June 21, 2010 Water Bed or Memory Foam 2 Last year my boyfriend finally got me to get rid of my water bed and replace it with a memory foam bed. It took him about three years to get me to give in because I thought that my water bed was the best kind of bed to have. I now know that I was wrong to the fullest extent here are some of the reasons that I changed beds after thinking them all threw.

Now that I know all of the advantages of a memory foam bed I recommend it to everyone especially those who have a water bed. My water bed was so comfortable for the first few months but then I started waking up sore and still tired. When I got my memory foam bed within one night I felt a difference in the quality of sleep that I was getting. My water bed was hard to get into and out of at night to go to the restroom. My new memory foam bed is easy to get out of and I do not wake up my boyfriend at two in the morning when I have to go take care of our daughter.

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Water Bed or Memory Foam Essay
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My water bed was a minimum of two people to take it down to move it in any way. My memory foam bed is easy to move and I do not have to have anyone help me to get it moved when I feel like rearranging my bedroom. It can take up to five hours for a water bed to drain to even start moving it. With a memory foam bed all it takes it getting all of the bedding off of it to get it up on its side to move. The frame of the water bed is huge and can be hard to put together. The memory foam bed frame is easy and light weight to Water Bed or Memory Foam 3 ut together and take apart. The water bed frame dose have drawers in it so that you do not have to have a dresser but makes the frame about 50 pounds heavier then it all ready is. The memory foam bed frame is simple and dose not have anything but four metal pieces and the wheels. Water beds can leak if anything sharp punctures it. With the memory foam bed I do not have to worry about my bed leaking all over my room. With cats and dogs I always have to worry about them jumping on the bed and a water bed will pop with any of them jumping into the bed.

My memory foam bed the dogs and cats can get on and there is no worry about water going everywhere. Water beds have to have the mattress changed every few years because they start to stretch and it takes more water to make then comfortable. Memory foam you do not have to replace the mattress until you want a new bed or it is so warn that you can no longer use it and that can take years. You also have to heat a water bed and the cost can really put your power bill threw the roof.

Memory foam beds do not need to be plugged in or heated they are a stand alone unit without those features. With a water bed having to be heated all of the time I had the worry that the heater was going to catch on fire. No fire hazard with memory foam unless you put it to close to a heater or something that could catch it on fire. If the heater on the water bed goes out then you have to drain the whole bed to put a new one under the water bed mattress. No heater problems with the memory foam bed because it is not a bed that has a heater to cause all of those problems.

There are many reasons to get a memory foam bed over a water bed. They are easier to get in and out of. A water bed is not as comfortable as the memory foam beds are. Water Bed or Memory Foam 4 Memory foam beds are easier to move then water beds are. You do not have to worry about memory foam beds leaking like you do with water beds and you also do not have to heat the memory foam beds. There are many other reasons to choose a memory foam bed over a water bed but these are my main reasons.


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