Way Of Assessing And Understanding Unfamiliar Markets Essay

Assignment Overview

In the undermentioned assignment I will be traveling over the instance overview, issues, demands, manner of measuring and understanding unfamiliar markets, how to develop market entry scheme, basic market entry determination, methods of come ining, barriers to market entry, how to construct internal accomplishments of company, developing methods, direction development, HR director function, constructing individual planetary scheme, regional scheme, why it is good to come in in Ukraine and Eastern Bloc, and eventually the decision.

Overview of the Case

Based in E of England, Metricum which is a good established international SME industries stuffs managing equipment. It has a entirely owned subordinate in Romania from which they beginning natural stuff and has fabrication bases in Sweden and China. Till now company is exporting to over 40 states and is making good, but with the altering clip market topographic point is going competitory twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Therefore, to avoid this fight Metricum shingles manus with their Chinese rival. As a consequence, today about 25 % of their production is based in China.

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At the same clip some privatized Rumanian house hit fiscal problems and was taken back by the State to re-privatize. Will Hatton, the CEO of the Metricum thought this would be great chance to purchase this house which would so safeguard their supplies and protect their borders. And with the concluding Chairman ‘s determination Metricum purchased 95 % of the equity of the house.

Presently turnover generated is divided 25 % in each of four countries: UK, Sweden, China, and Romania. As of now China produces standard merchandises, the UK and Sweden produce advanced merchandises, and Rumanian house is merely running 20 % of capacity.

Case issue and demand

With the altering clip and mounting competition Will Hatton, the CEO, and his squad are seeking the demand to research the other Eastern Bloc states such as, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, etc which are less developed but has good market topographic point for their merchandises. But they are non certain how to measure the market potency, the competition, and the best path to come in these markets.

Therefore, as per the demand to better their ability to scan these international markets, Metricum want to work with and external adviser. So that they can assist them to analyze these markets, and give them good concern scheme and advice on how to come in these markets maintaining in head the market entry options, barriers, and effects of the venture in footings of capablenesss and resources within the company.

Measuring and Understanding unfamiliar markets/ Market Intelligence Report: Ukraine

Introduction of Ukraine

Ukrayina is located in the center of Eastern Europe and acquires an country of 603,700 sq kilometer. It is the 2nd largest state in Europe after Russia. Ukraine is a portion of Eastern Bloc states, which besides include states like ; Poland, Hungary, Albania, Romania, etc.

Due to the old bequest of the Communist party, Ukraine ‘s current Government construction is besides really corrupt. Besides this because of low rewards people do n’t make their occupation reasonably and hence prosecuting in offenses and illegal activities which disturbs the whole system. Therefore, due to this economic instability it ‘s difficult to maintain up with good concern environment and investing clime. ( ref 1 )

Wayss to cognize about Ukraine market as per my view/opinion

Predictability and Stability of the Legal Framework

Due to miss of stable legal environment there is high hazard in making concern in Ukraine.

Establishing a transparent, sustainable and just national legal system is indispensable to pull

a stable flow of foreign investings to Ukraine. The lacks of the legal model create obstructions to foreign companies which have already started their concern in Ukraine and strongly deter those willing to come.


The bench is a cardinal component to guarantee lawfulness in the state, in peculiar sing protection of investors ‘ rights provided by certain Torahs. Despite the passage of the Ukrainian Law on Judiciary, the judicial power in Ukraine is still weak and lacks independency, staying a major faltering block in set uping a proper legislative model. Another serious concern is the hapless enforcement of tribunal determinations.

Financial Sector

One of the most of import things for little and average investors to put up and develop a concern is an easy entree to fundss. At the current phase of development, bank recognition is the most widespread beginning of houses ‘ funding in Ukraine, but it can non fulfill the bing demands for loanable financess, due to the high involvement rates and short adulthoods of the disbursed loans. Other options for raising capital, such as the issue of corporate bonds or public offerings, are rare due to the underdevelopment of the fiscal markets.


The imperfect land jurisprudence is one of the greatest barriers to the attractive force of foreign investing in

Ukraine. The bulk of investors are restricted in land ownership in Ukraine. This consequences in a state of affairs when new foreign investors, who would wish to put in the national or regional

economic system in Ukraine, brush unnaturally created obstructions in geting land belongings into their

ownership, and take to put in other states.

Transparency of the Banking System

The Ukrainian banking system is known for its absence of transparence, particularly in regard of

the good proprietors of commercial Bankss in Ukraine. As of today, the National Bank of Ukraine ( hereinafter – the NBU ) does non possess dependable information about the good proprietors of a important figure of Ukrainian commercial Bankss.

Ukrainian commercial Bankss with unknown proprietors can potentially go avenues for money laundering and non-transparent minutess and it will be impossible to keep the good proprietors of such a commercial bank apt, because the good proprietors of commercial Bankss are non known to the NBU. It can besides be possible that such commercial Bankss can make deceitful strategies for pulling financess from the populace at big and can non be held accountable for them.

Tax System

Investors ‘ perceptual experience of the Ukrainian revenue enhancement system is an unpredictable. When revenue enhancement reform is unpredictable for investors, they can non do reasoned determinations about

investings that means postponing or worsening investing activity. Unfortunately, in the last five to seven old ages, Ukraine has gained a repute as a state with an unpredictable revenue enhancement system due to repeated ( frequently retroactive ) alterations in statute law, failure to continue with declared purposes and agendas for revenue enhancement reform, and many instances of nonreversible financial reading of the jurisprudence by the revenue enhancement governments.

How to develop Market Entry Strategy

When a company makes the committedness to travel international, it must take an entry scheme. The pick of entry scheme depends on:

Market features ( such as possible gross revenues, strategic importance, cultural differences, and state limitations )

Company capablenesss and features, including the grade of near-market cognition, selling engagement

Finally, committedness that direction is prepared to do after analysing

Basic market entry determinations

Which markets to come in?

When to come in the markets?

What graduated table of entry?

Which Foreign Markets to Enter in Eastern Bloc Countries

Favorable benefit-cost-risk-trade-off:

Politically stable developed and developing states.

Free market systems

No dramatic rush in rising prices or private-sector debt.


Politically unstable developing states with a assorted or command economic system or where bad fiscal bubbles have led to extra adoption.

Timing of Entry

Advantages in early market entry:

First-mover advantage

Build gross revenues volume

Move down experience curve and achieve cost advantage

Create shift costs


First mover disfavor – pioneering costs

Changes in authorities policy ( ref 3 )

Types of Market Entry Strategy

There are four different manners of foreign market entry from which any company can choose: ( look in exhibit 11.2 )

1 ) Exporting ( Internet, Exporter, Importer, Distributor, Direct gross revenues )

2 ) Contractual Agreement ( Licensing and franchising )

3 ) Strategic Alliance

4 ) Ownership ( Joint ventures and FDI )

4.5 My positions on market entry scheme

Harmonizing to me there are merely two ways that company should come in in Ukrainian market and that is either by exporting or by holding joint venture with some other local stuffs Managing Equipment Company who knows the market conditions good. So allow me explicate you both market entry schemes one by one and state you why it is better for company to take these market entry schemes.

4.5.1 Exporting

Exporting can be either direct or indirect

In direct exporting the company sells to a client in another state

In contrast, indirect exporting normally means that the company sells to a purchaser ( importer or distributer ) in the place state who in bend exports the merchandise

The Internet is going progressively of import as a foreign market entry method hypertext transfer protocol: //www.scribd.com/doc/30971035/Entry-Strategies

My positions

Harmonizing to me exporting is a good option for the company, and I can state this because of the undermentioned advantages that the company will hold if they involve in direct exportation ;


Avoids cost of set uping fabrication operations

May assist accomplish experience curve and location economic systems

Minimizes political hazard

Useful when market potency is difficult to measure

Offers channel flexibleness

Offers ease in market backdown

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.scribd.com/doc/32153287/Entry-Strategies

4.5.2 International Joint Ventures:

A joint venture is a partnership of two or more take parting companies that have joined forces to make a separate legal entity

Four factors are associated with joint ventures:

Junior varsity are established, separate, legal entities

they acknowledge purpose by the spouses to portion in the direction of the JV

they are partnerships between lawfully incorporated entities such as companies, chartered organisations, or authoritiess, and non between persons

equity places are held by each of the spouses

My Positions

Harmonizing to me it is one of the other good options for the company to get down its concern in Ukraine. I can state this because by making this company will hold many advantages which are as follows ;


Benefit from local spouse ‘s cognition

Shared costs/risks with spouse

Reduced political hazard

Higher rate of return and more control over the operations

Creation of synergism

Sharing of resources

Entree to distribution web

Contact with local providers and authorities functionaries

Barriers and effects of market entry

Intellectual patents and ownership of engineering – but patents are needed to supply an inducement to put

Expertness and repute of the incumbent – intangibles

Licenses are of import such as professional makings

Built-in intuition among consumers about new thoughts – behavioral economic sciences Tells us that many people are rather happy with their default picks – it may take a piece for any alteration in penchants to happen. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.tutor2u.net/blog/index.php/economics/comments/barriers-to-entry/

Regulations and statute law affecting using people

Instability of revenue enhancement and state ‘s regulative policy

High involvement rates

Corruption degree is really high

It ‘s imposts and trade ordinance

siteresources.worldbank.org/DEC/Resources/84797-1251813753820/6415739-1257192326437/ … ·

Procedure required to construct internal accomplishments and knowledge base of the company

Harmonizing to me company already has all the accomplishments needed for the organisation to run successfully. That is why it ‘s been making good concern from last 28 old ages and is good established in four major states at nowadays.

But with the altering clip one has to alter and particularly when you are traveling to new market topographic point. With the new market topographic point to come in one has to replace and come up with new accomplishments, schemes, regulations, developing methods, acquisition, motive, etc for their new or bing employees.

Besides this direction development is besides required which is fundamentally an effort to better managerial public presentation by leaving cognition, altering attitudes, or increasing accomplishments by giving them on the occupation preparation, occupation rotary motion, coaching, etc.

At the terminal HR Manager should be appointed who should maintain an oculus on everybody ‘s public presentation. Besides this HR Manager will besides maintain in head that who has better adapted and get the better of the opposition to alter. Finally, looking the above factors he or she will make up one’s mind that who goes and who stays.

There are many ways that can assist company to construct and better its internal accomplishments and cognition. Few ways that I think is best suited for company are as follows:

Analyzing Training Needs

As we will be opening concern in new market topographic point it is certain that developing methods has to be re-evaluated as per the client and location demands. Therefore analysing current employees developing demands will be more complex. This could be because of the criterions are n’t clear or because individual is non motivated.

Different Training Methods that can be used

By making so you can assist employees by supplying them with measure by measure instructions on how they have to execute in new market topographic point. Examples of preparation methods are as follows:

On the Job Training

It means that the individual learn a occupation by really making it. Here, an experient worker or the trainee ‘s supervisor trains the employee.

Advantages of OJT

Relatively cheap

Trainees learn while bring forthing

No demand for expensive off-site installations like ; schoolroom

Trainees learn speedy

Programmed Learning

It is a ego larning method that consists of three parts:

Showing inquiries, facts, or jobs to the scholar

Leting the individual to react

Supplying feedback on the truth of replies

Advantages of Programmed Learning

Reduces preparation clip

Lashkar-e-taibas trainees learn at their ain gait

Provide immediate feedback

Reduces scholar ‘s hazard of mistake

Computer Based Training

It ‘s when trainee utilizations interactive computing machine base system to increase his or her cognition or accomplishments. It integrates the usage of text, picture, artworks, exposures, and sound to bring forth a complex preparation environment with which the trainee interacts.

Advantages of Computer Based Training

Synergistic engineerings cut down larning clip by 50 %

Instructional consistence ( unlike homo trainers, do n’t hold good or bad yearss )

Increase trainee motive by giving feedback

Management Development

It ‘s an effort to better managerial public presentation by leaving cognition, altering attitudes, or increasing accomplishments. There are two different ways of bettering direction development and they are as follows:

Managerial On the Job Training

Managerial on the occupation developing methods include occupation rotary motion and training attack.

Job Rotation

It ‘s traveling direction trainees from section to section to broaden their apprehension of all parts of the concern.

Coaching Approach

Here trainee works straight with a senior director or with the individual he or she is to replace.

Managerial Off the Job Training

Managerial off the occupation developing methods include the instance survey method and direction games.

The Case Study Method

It is when a instance survey method presents a trainee with a written description of an organisational job. The individual so tries to analyse the job and come up with solution.

Management Games

It is when trainees divide into five or six individual groups, each of which competes with the others in a fake market topographic point. This show their determination devising accomplishments and job work outing method.

6.4 HR Manager ‘s Role

Harmonizing to me an bing company ‘s HR Manager should be appointed for the new market topographic point attach toing by new HR Manager who understands Ukraine working conditions, working environment, linguistic communication, civilization, and most of import the concern environment.

The bing HR director of company who is good known and experienced with the company ‘s facets such as, its scheme, civilization, construction, engineerings or attitudes and accomplishments that employees should hold while working in this company. And with the aid of new HR director he or she will acquire a better cognition and apprehension of the new on the job conditions and environment in Ukraine. Structural alteration may necessitate public presentation reappraisals to make up one’s mind who stay and who goes, every bit good as occupation analysis, forces planning, and revised employee choice criterions. Changing the employees ‘ attitudes, accomplishments, and behaviour typically triggers a broad scope of new human resource attempts due to which it is must to name a good HR director. And this could merely be done if both old and new HR Manager come together and work towards the best of the company.

Therefore maintaining all these things in heads HR director should pay particular attending to the following techniques:

How to get the better of opposition to alter

How to form and take an organisational alteration, and

How to utilize a technique known as organisational development.

Harmonizing to me these techniques can run into by maintaining in head the following new theoretical account for the organisational development and wining in new market topographic point. The 3 techniques are as follows:

Dissolving – by this I mean that cut downing the forces that are endeavoring to keep the position quo, normally by showing a provocative job or event to acquire people to acknowledge the demand for alteration and to seek for new solutions.

Moving- it means developing new behaviours, values, and attitudes harmonizing to the currents demands and market topographic point. The purpose is to change employees ‘ behaviour.

Refreezing- after acquiring adapt in their new behaviour employees should be refreeze in this new equilibrium. Besides this a new compensation programs and appraisal procedure should be involved to maintain employees motivated towards the alteration.

Constructing a Single Global Strategy/ Consequences / Other options ( resources )


Globalization is the procedure of spread outing a concern or service outside of the state of

beginning into international markets. Examples include eBay, and Sony among many others.

The benefits of globalisation include the opening up of free trade among the states

where new concern will be established. With dwindling markets in a individual state,

concerns are looking for planetary presence through confederations with foreign market industry

leaders. For illustration, the AOL marketshare in the United States has continued to dwindle and in order to last AOL felt it had to spread out outside the US. AOL has lobbied hard to derive

land as a Internet telecommunications resource. It formed AOL Europe in the effort

to acquire in front of other U.S. telecommunication companies ( Deresky, 2007 ) .

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.scribd.com/doc/26255721/Understanding-Globalization-and-Regionalization

Single Global Strategy

Some industries benefits from individual planetary scheme than others industries. To make a successful planetary scheme, directors foremost must understand the nature of planetary industries and the kineticss of planetary competition. A good designed individual planetary scheme can assist tauten to derive a competitory advantage.

Harmonizing to me a individual Global Strategy can merely work if the undermentioned factors are present in all the geographical countries in which company is runing, such as ;

Merchandise is same in all states

Centralized control

Effective when differences between states are little

If company has an advantages: cost, co-ordinated activities, faster merchandise development

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.quickmba.com/strategy/global/

Consequences of Single Global Strategy

Peoples populating in different states have different gustatory sensations and demands, due to difference in their linguistic communication, civilization, norms, society, background, etc. Therefore lodging to a individual planetary scheme can make a batch of jobs and issues for the company to win. Due to this company can confront a batch of effects, such as ;

Losing customers- because what may be liked in one state does n’t intend that it will be liked in other states as good.

Aching its trade name name- due to implementing their same merchandise everyplace, without believing about client demands.

Work force issues- different states has different values and working environment. Therefore, coercing them to make things harmonizing to company ‘s manner could originate differences between the labour and direction.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.tutor2u.net/business/strategy/global-business-global-strategy.html

Other Option- ‘Regional Strategy ‘

With the altering clip one has to alter and therefore adapt to new thoughts and options available in order to execute better. Therefore, I think that though individual planetary scheme is good for a concern but at the same clip it can non use in every industry or company. This is because of the cultural, regional, governmental, cultural differences the state has from one another.

Due to this fact I would wish to advice Metricum that they should seek to accommodate to new Regional Strategy. I am stating this because concentrating on a regional enlargement is less cumbrous than a planetary forepart due to the reduced degree of complexness. For illustration the multicultural barriers entirely can be a challenge. As in the instance of Wal-Mart trying to travel into Germany. Due to cultural differences such as packaging meats and holding saluters were non acceptable behaviours in that country of the universe. These and several other cultural and regional differences between the U.S. and Germany cost Wal-Mart 1000000s of dollars as they had to draw out of thecountry ( Deresky, 2007 ) .

Harmonizing to me regionalization scheme allows the locals within a foreign state to run the concern locally within a transnational corporate scheme. In this manner local providers,

direction, and employees are able to convey input from their experience with the local

markets and clients to the success of the outside company trying to come in. With all this it helps company to recover its net incomes and at the same clip it wins over its clients trust. This builds a long term relationship with the clients, which is what the company wants for its on-going net incomes and concern.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.scribd.com/doc/26255721/Understanding-Globalization-and-Regionalization

Advantages of Regional Strategy

Product customized for each market

Decentralized control- local determination devising

Effective when big differences exist between states

Other advantages: merchandise distinction, minimise political and exchange rate hazard

Is It Good to Enter Ukraine and other Eastern Bloc Countries and why?

Looking at the overall scenario I would wish to urge Metricum that they should come in Ukraine. I am stating this because in today ‘s globalisation epoch one should spread out every bit much as they can to increase its market portion and net incomes every bit good but maintaining in head that if their merchandises is required in the market they wish to come in. Because if Metricum do n’t hold its merchandise necessity in the market, it ‘s merely blowing its clip and money.

But in this instance looking at the Ukrainian market one can easy do out that Ukraine has a batch of minerals, lumber, etc for which there is a pressing and abundant demand of stuffs managing equipment. On the other manus the state is still on a development phase which shows that it is a good clip to come in market, due to the demand of the stuff handling merchandises which is really much required by the state at current period. Therefore, the Oklahoman the company will come in the better it is. It is because the company will acquire on the first mover advantage and can tap the market easy. Because boulder clay now there are merely few local and international rivals who can non vie on a big graduated table like, Metricum. It is because company has a fabrication works following door in Romania from where they can easy export. Due to this Metricum acquire a immense advantage in supplying clients with the merchandises really earlier than others.

On the other manus as I have said in the starting that Ukrainian market is non good to make concern because of their hapless instability in legal model, bench, fiscal sector, banking sector, and corrupted revenue enhancement system. But who does n’t hold jobs ; all states have one or the other jobs. So it does n’t intend that one should non come in the market, and lose on its market portion and concern. This is the ground why I gave an option of Joint Venture in market entry scheme. By making joint venture with some other local Material Handling Equipment company, Metricum will cut down its market entry barriers and would able to make better with the benefit from local spouse ‘s cognition. This will assist Metricum to set up itself in Ukraine and spread its concern.

Finally, one time they are good established in Ukraine, they should believe about other Eastern Bloc states. The ground I am stating this because first they have to look how they do in Ukraine, as it is the biggest state out of all the Eastern Bloc. If they do good in Ukraine, no uncertainty that they will be able to execute good in other Eastern Bloc states every bit good.


At last I would wish to state that if given a opportunity Metricum would make fantastic occupation in making concern and spread outing itself in Ukraine and other Eastern Bloc states. This will non merely do Metricum globally good known, but would besides increase its market portion in this competitory globalisation epoch.


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