Weak Arguments Against Strong Encryption Essay

In her article entitled “Weak Arguments Against Strong Encryption. ” Deborah Pierce. in taking an univocal place in the current argument about the usage of encoding. tells the reader that under no fortunes whatsoever should unbreakable encoding be banned. She declares that “trying to censor strong encoding is non merely ineffectual and incorrect. it is destructive every bit good. ” In an attempt to carry the reader to take her side. Pierce enterprises to accomplish what is called the rhetorical trigon or the usage of ethical entreaty. logical entreaty. and emotional entreaty in equal proportion.

( Uga Writing Center. n. d. ) Although Pierce employs the three types of entreaties. the intended rhetorical trigon is non apparent. She commits certain misreckonings which leave the reader either unbelieving or annoyed. Pierce starts her run to carry by set uping her ethical entreaty. This she does by depicting to the reader in an important manner what encoding is and how it works. efficaciously exhibiting her cognition about the topic.

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Weak Arguments Against Strong Encryption Essay
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She explains that the system is priceless in that the secure communicating that it guarantees “protect [ s ] trade secrets. ” precautions “sensitive information such as medical records. fiscal information and minutess. ” and “protect [ s ] classified [ authorities ] information that we would non desire to fall into enemy custodies. ” Rather effectual because aside from demoing that she knows her subject well. she besides informs the reader that she merely wants what the reader besides requires.

The writer. nevertheless. commits her first misreckoning when she attempts to carry the reader through his or her emotions. When she said that “Human rights organisations use encoding to pass on by electronic mail with people who would certainly be tortured or killed if their communications were made known. ” the reader is left instead dumbfounded. Many Americans realize that the forfeits and the hazards being taken by these militants every bit good as those who help them in their work are in defence of human rights.

For this ground. Americans sympathize with them and surely do non wish them any injury. However. to state that they or their contacts are in danger of being “tortured or killed” if their electronic mails are publicized or supplied to authorities governments is stretching it a spot excessively far. Everybody knows that human rights militants are dissenters and demonstrators. but they are non nihilists or communist revolutionists who are out to subvert the authorities. These people have no secrets which could be fatal for them or damaging to the authorities.

This is about surely a panic tactic. or an entreaty to fear. In other words. the author’s usage of the 2nd side of the rhetorical trigon – emotional entreaty – is a blue failure. This leaves the 3rd side of the rhetorical trigon: logical entreaty. Pierce tries to utilize this tool – once more. to no help – to reason against the cardinal escrow system being pushed by Republican Senator Judd Gregg from New Hampshire. Under this system. a 3rd party will be authorized to keep transcripts of the users’ “personal encoding keys.

” These keys will be made available to jurisprudence enforcement officers as the demand arises and on a instance to instance footing. provided they can obtain the proper warrant from the tribunal. Since rhetorical entreaty is supposed to incorporate statements of governments. Pierce has chosen to cite Craig Nathan who said that “Key escrow is the equivalent of leting the authorities [ to ] put in a web Cam in your sleeping room. which they could turn on without your permission or presentment at any clip they thought it might assist battle terrorist act.

” This statement is extremely inflated. an excessive hyperbole. Giving authorities entree to a personal encoding key does non intend that it can take clasp of it anytime. As experience has shown us. there are ever guidelines and legal processs established for such intents. Terrorism should non be employed as a catchall term either because it could non be used to warrant everything that authorities is making. Pierce should make better than usage terrorists as a ruddy herring and fault them for everything bad happening in the state today.

After neglecting to use the rhetorical trigon successfully. Pierce. hence. fails to carry the reader to follow her position. References Pierce. D. ( 2007 ) . Weak Arguments Against Strong Encryption. Seattle Press on Line. Retrieved July 21. 2007. from hypertext transfer protocol: //archive. seattlepressonline. com/article-9276. html Uga Writing Center. ( n. d. ) . The Rhetorical Triangle. Retrieved July 21. 2007. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. English. uga. edu/writingcenter/writing/triangle. hypertext markup language


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