Weaknesses of AB Hi-fi online store Essay

The first failing of AB Hi-Fi online shop is the goods are non available that customers’ already complete order will be label as ‘awaiting goods’ . Which means after the picking ticket is print out, the warehouse clerk will travel pick the needed goods from the shelf against the picking ticket. So if the goods are non available will wait until the goods is available merely will direct to the transportation section. As there will be a waiting period for the goods to be available for bringing, the goods would be delivered subsequently than expected to the clients. The bringing might be delayed for a hebdomad or two or it may even be a month if this issue isn’t rectified. The hold in bringing would decidedly impact the fragile relationship between AB Hi-Fi, as clients ourselves we would besides cognize that bad service would take to an unsated client therefore this will doubtless impact AB Hi-Hi concern. AB Hi-Fi’s concern would deteriorate and it might non merely lose new clients but besides lose the trueness of its yesteryear clients due to this one issue on the seasonableness on its bringing. Besides impacting the clients, this issue would besides impact the work to be carried out by the warehouse employees as there would be deficient measures of stock and they have to maintain checking on the stock list degree of the stocks and besides to direct to the appropriate clients who are waiting for the goods they ordered. This current system would non merely be of no aid towards the warehouse employees but would besides do life harder for them as it is inefficient and cumbrous as the warehouse employees will hold to manually reorder the goods and maintain the stock list degree in order to guarantee that all orders and bringings would be met. To cut down all this hazard, AB Hi-Fi online shop should use ageless stock list system. Perpetual stock list system is the system will continuously update the stock list histories after every gross revenues or purchases. This means that the stock list history will be updated automatically after every gross revenues or purchase of each goods. The map of this system is to allow clients cognize the measure of stock list available. This system should be usage in on-line shop such as ebay. For an illustration, A privation to purchase the jacket, so below the monetary value will demo the measure of jackets left in the shop room. If there isn’t adequate stock, so the clients can non do this dealing. This will cut down the instances of late bringing which would impact the relationship and image of the AB Hi-Fi online shop. Besides that, it would besides be more convenient for the warehouse clerks as there would be less paper work. The warehouse clerks would non necessitate to blow so much clip to make excess plants by topographic points the picking ticket in the booklet and labeling it as expecting goods or maintain up to day of the month any goods he missed out or haven’t delivered to clients.

The 2nd failing is the warehouse clerk need to manually carry on a physical count on the stock list and compose down the measure of each point on the goods received study. But for larger order, it would be following to impossible for the warehouse clerk to open up the cartons and to number them all one by one so the warehouse clerk relies on the external label stuck of the cartons. Although merely the little orders is count one by one, it besides clip devouring for numbering all stock list. Furthermore, it may exaggerate or understated the measure of the stock list in the goods received study due to human mistakes. For the big orders, it is besides same with the little order will exaggerate or minimize the measure of the stock list although the measure is based on the label stuck on the cartons. It might exaggerate or unostentatious because the measure label on the exterior of cartons may non fit the measure inside the cartons. Exaggeration and understatement of the measure of stock list is rather hazardous to the online shop because it creates a opportunity for employees to pull strings the history to perpetrate deceitful activities. Besides that, it besides will impact the concern of AB Hi-Fi online shop by holding a deficit of stock list which would convey more problem towards the warehouse clerk as they would hold to look into the measure of stock list again.Since the manually carry oning a physical count of stock list is uneffective and inefficient, AB Hi-Fi online shop should utilize a barcode scanner and use Radio-frequency designation ( RFID ) ticket. RFID is an intelligent barcodes that can link to a web and reassign the information from the barcodes attached to objects. For an illustration, we can put the 3 column such as the barcode figure, merchandise figure and measure before we scan. Then when a carton is scanned it will automatically enter the barcode figure, merchandise name and the measure of the point in the computing machine. So if these two methods had been used, so the job about minimizing or exaggerating the measure of stock list of AB Hi-Fi online shop would be solved and it would alternatively profit the concern.

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Weaknesses of AB Hi-fi online store Essay
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The 3rd failing for AB Hi-Fi online shop concern is that the warehouse clerk merely merely set the completed goods received studies in a tray on the desk of the goods having clerk. By merely seting the study in a tray on the desk indicates that there isn’t any security to safeguard the studies and this will give opportunity to employees to freely entree to the stock list studies to perpetrate fraud by pull stringsing the goods received study. For an illustration, they would cut down one carton in the measure of stock list, so take it back for other utilizations such as for resale or for ain usage. Then they will merely enter the informations the following forenoon into the computing machine which will enable unauthorised employees to hold adequate clip to entree the stock list records to make deceitful activities such as redacting the information inside the study or steal stock list when the study is in the tray. It is really hazardous to set the of import information in such insecure topographic points such as from the transition by merely seting it in a tray without anyone guarding it. So if the study is want to be recorded the following twenty-four hours in the computing machine, the study should be put in safe topographic point such as in a lock box or a topographic point with people guarding it or hold the CCTV surveillance to safeguard the information. Besides that, the effectual manner to safeguard the study is straight off record into the computing machine, without detaining it until following forenoon. This is because between the periods anything can go on such as unauthorised employees’ entree the information or steal the stock list by pull stringsing the information. So the most effectual manner is salvaging it in the computing machine instantly and to lock it by utilizing watchword. Then merely the authorized employees will cognize the watchword and this will merely let authorised entree to the stock list records.

The Forth failing for AB Hi-Fi online shop is the transportation clerk needs look into the name is it lucifer with the recognition card position study manually after the order is completed. If the name fit the recognition card position study, so the customer’s recognition card position study is non good, so the transportation clerk needs to direct back the goods and picking ticket to warehouse with a note attached bespeaking they can non be shipped due to non-payment. On the other manus, if the name does non in the list of recognition card position study so the goods will be shipped to client. It is a batch of plants to look into one by one the customer’s name against the gross revenues order lucifer with the recognition card position study. This method is uneffective and inefficient as it is clip devouring and prone to human mistakes. It is clip devouring because it takes a batch of clip to look into the name list and it may besides lose out some name. Not merely that, the warehouse clerk need bear the responsible if anything happened such as the girl out the name in the recognition card position study so direct it the goods to the client will do non-payment or bad debt to the AB Hi-Fi online shop. So to do it all process easier and simpler, the AB Hi-Fi online shop should intercede with the bank. Which means the when the clients need to do payment, it straight off connect to the Bankss database which already specify such as the clients merely can do payment with few Bankss like Maybank, Public bank and Standard Chartered bank. So when the client make payment, it automatically link to the specify bank to see the customer’s recognition card position study. Then depends on whether the recognition card position study help the client make successful payment. For an illustration, when the client A wants to do payment, it may take some clip to treat whether the client Angstrom can do payment or non. If client A’s recognition card position study is pass so the client Angstrom can do the payment otherwise client A is fail to do payment. So if the AB Hi-Fi online shop applies this method, so the human mistakes and clip consuming can be cut down. Then It is more easy to warehouse clerk no demand look into it one by one the name is it match the name highlighted in the recognition card position study, all become automatically, becomes more efficient.

The 5th failing in this on-line shop concern is has a complex process about the purchase requisition. In this transition province that after the purchase clerk preset the measure of goods, the complete purchase requisition is sent to the purchase director via electronic mail. Then the purchase director either approves or rejects the purchase requisition. If the director rejects the purchase requisition which means there are no farther action on it. But if the director approves the purchase requisition so the director will direct it back the sanctioned purchase requisition to buy clerk. The purchase clerk will reach the providers to bespeak the quotation mark of merchandise and bringing cost. After that, the purchase clerk will take to take order with which provider. So to do the complex process become easier, the AB Hi-Fi online shop should utilize computing machine automated to take which provider they want. For an illustration, when the purchase clerk send the purchase requisition to buy director, so if the purchase director O.K. the purchase requisition, it is non sent back to the purchase clerk, It is automatically sent to the provider who have the lowest cost and better quality compare to other providers. By utilizing this method will more convenient for the purchase clerk and let him to hold more clip to make other plants.


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