Web Based Information Systems Essay


This paper aims to show the societal and organisational facets of web-based information systems. Now we are in 21st century. Last century has been considered as the rise of Information and communicating engineering. Now-a-days there is increasing development of web-based information systems for societal and organisational sectors. Web-based information systems based on web engineerings which portions different types of Internet protocol and plays an of import function for assemblage, hive awaying, roll uping and pass oning informations from different beginnings and dispersed information at a glimpse. The velocity and efficiency of web-based information system which includes both local and planetary webs, databases and different types of plan for information processing makes societal and organisational life easier for people. The web-based applications maintain operations of direction. Such applications helps to incorporate quality direction processes, life rhythm of organisational end, implementing and sharing production program This web-based engineering has an impact on societal relation, societal behavior and assorted organisation issues.

Keywords: World Wide Web ( WWW ) , WBIS ( Web-based information system ) , Internet Protocol, Information processing, societal networking, societal relation and behavior.

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Web Based Information Systems Essay
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Information engineering is playing a important function in the development of modern society and societal life. It has transformed the whole universe into a planetary small town. Now societal life has moved to online. Peoples are utilizing treatment board, web logs and societal networking sites through web-based engineering to pass on digitally. World Wide Web, digital library, e-commerce and computing machine based distance acquisition has made our life easier.

Now-a-days people are going more interested in on-line communities to portion involvements and activities. Most of the societal web services are web-based and these sites are supplying different ways to interact with others such as instant messaging and electronic mail. More over WBIS can be used in many ways in our societal life such as educational establishments, new and media organisations, authorities services etc.

Business organisations are utilizing this WBIS to develop their concern and to run their concern globally. Business organisations can choose assorted scope of merchandise from merchandise database. That engineering let the organisations to cognize the monetary value list of the merchandise and they can order assorted merchandises online. So it works as a purchasing and selling media all over the universe. The organisations can track orders and update the information through cyberspace. Furthermore now-a-days all the transnational concern organisations are utilizing web-based information system to keep communicating to other subdivisions. So this engineering is playing an of import function in concern development.

Web-based Information system:

Web-based information system is an information system which uses Internet web engineerings for presenting information and services to users. This engineering is a package system and is used to print and keep informations by hypertext rule. Web-based information system is the combination of one or more web applications, specific functionality-oriented constituents. Basically in this type of information system web browser is used as a front terminal and all the databases are used as a back terminal.

Key characteristics of web-based Information System:

Web-based information systems have evolved significantly over recent old ages with its betterment. Web-based applications have several advantages over traditional package based applications. Some of the nucleus characteristics of web-based applications are given below:

Cross platform compatibility:

Most web-based applications are compatible in different platforms than traditional installed package. The minimal demand would be a web browser ( Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape etc. ) . You can utilize different OS such as Windows, Linux or Mac to run the web applications.

More Manageable:

WBIS merely necessitate to be installed on the waiter puting minimum demands on the terminal user workstation, which makes the system easier to keep and update as normally it can wholly be done on the waiter.

Multiple concurrent users:

Web-based applications can so be used by multiple users at the same clip. It ‘s non necessary to portion screen or direct a screenshot when multiple users see and even redact the same papers at the same clip. Web conferencing and on-line coaction companies regulate some cardinal transmutations and users merely explore what they truly need to work efficaciously and co-edit paperss together.

Reduced cost:

Web-based applications can cut down cost due to back up and care, lower demands on the terminal user system and simplified architecture. It does n’t necessitate any distribution or selling substructure.

Secure unrecorded informations:

These applications can diminish the hazard of losing informations due to an unexpected disc clang or computing machine virus. Companies of web-based applications provide extended informations backup service either as an built-in portion or basic service or sometimes as a paid service.

Social facets of web-based information system:

In the position of Karl Marx, human existences are per se, needfully and by definition societal existences who – beyond being “ gregarious animals ” – can non last and run into their demands other than through societal co-operation and association. Their societal features are hence to a big extent an objectively given fact, stamped on them from birth and affirmed by socialisation procedures ; and, harmonizing to Marx, in bring forthing and reproducing their material life, people must needfully come in into dealingss of production which are “ independent of their will ” .

Social life is affected by web-based information system in different ways. Some of them are given below:

Online community:

An online community is a practical community which exist online and can take the signifier of information system where any one can post content by utilizing bulletin board system or weblogs. Online community is used by assorted societal and professional groups interacting via web-based engineering. It ‘s non necessary to hold a strong bond among the members. The societal web based online community arrived in early 2000s which is called societal networking services contains different class divisions to link with people. Social networking services allow people to make their ain profile. Now Facebook and chirrup has been utilizing widely worldwide. More than 30 million and 18 million people are utilizing Facebook and chirrup severally at the terminal of 2009. Myspace and LinkedIn being most widely used in North America. There are many others societal networking website such as hi5, LinkedIn, orkut, tagged etc which is utilizing all over the universe. Some societal networking sites are created for the benefit of others, such as parents societal web service “ Gurgle which talks about gestation, birth and conveying up kids. So societal networking services are being popular in society twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

Educational Institutions:

Now-a-days WBIS is used by most of the educational establishments for pass oning with pupils. Students can happen their class stuff, category agendas or any updated information through the WBIS. This engineering has enabled research workers to entree a wider beginning of information though cyberspace. Furthermore it is helpful for distance acquisition.

News & A ; media organisations:

As WBIS is used to hive away, pull strings, administer or to make information, intelligence and media organisations are closely familiar with each of the elements of information engineering. This engineering helps us to acquire the updated intelligence from all over the universe. We can besides acquire early information about conditions and natural catastrophe, stock exchange, manner etc. So this engineering is playing an of import function in our societal and twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life.


The development of WBIS has helped the authorities to better their service to their citizens. Citizens can acquire current and accurate authorities information from e-government web sites. Government can print different types of information through web sites such as budget of the state, tourist musca volitanss of the state, consequences of scrutinies, watchfulness information etc. Income revenue enhancement section is making on-line revenue enhancement accounting for roll uping income revenue enhancement now. So authorities can acquire assorted advantages from WBIS.

Furthermore WBIS can be used for


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