Question Answer
Material that resists but doesn't stop the flow of electric current Resistor
Flow of electric charges Electric Current
Space around a magnet where the force of the magnet acts Magnetic field
Provides a source of energy battery
Object that attracts things made of iron or steel Magnet
Space around an object where electric forces occur Electric field
Path made for an electric current Circuit
Material that electric current can pass through easily Conductor
Arrangement of wire wrapped around a core Electromagnet
Material that electric current cannot easily pass through Insulator
Circuit with one path for electric current Series circuit
Circuit with more than one path for electric current Parallell circuit
If an object has more protons than electrons, what type of charge does it have? Positive
Two objects with the same charges will do what? Repel
Copper wire is an example of what? Conductor
By turning current on or off, decreasing the amount of current or adding coils can control this. Electromagnet
What is static electricity? a build up of electric charge on something
What is a machine that changes electrical energy into energy of motion? electric motor
What type of charge does an atom have if it has the same number of positive and negative charges? neutral
Does a circuit need to be open or closed in order to work? closed

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