Welcome Home Essay

Welcome Home, Soldier by PaulieG© I was finally going home. After a year in Iraq, I was going home to my beautiful wife. Little did I know that not only had the war changed me, but my home life would change too. Genneveve, or Gennie as everyone called her is 11 years younger than me. At 38, I marveled at the fact that she still didn’t look a day over 25. Standing 5-7 with coal black hair contrasting with her nearly translucent smooth white skin, the contrasts didn’t stop there.

Every bit a woman, she acted like a young virginal girl in the bedroom, until she was close to cumming, then she turned into the dirtiest mouthed whore you’ve ever heard. Gennie’s tit’s are not large but they jut out and stand proud like an 18 year old girl, and her bee stung pink puffy nipples tend to make a grown man salivate when he first sees them. Her flaring hips, and rounded butt, taper down to long shapely legs, which stay that way from frequent trips to the gym. Gennie is hot.

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After a 20 hour flight home, a week spent following painted lines throughout processing, and a four hour flight back to my hometown, I walked up the jetway and out to the baggage area where Gennie greeted me like we were home alone in our bedroom. Jumping up and wrapping those legs for days around my waist, her pussy mashed into my thickening cock and immediately I detected two things: My wife wasn’t wearing panties, and her pussy was dripping pussy juice, making a rather large, rather noticeable wet spot on my uniform pants.

Forcing her tongue into my mouth like she was trying to give me a dental exam, she crushed her two tits into my chest and I could clearly feel her hardened nipples drilling into my skin. After the kiss ended, I was somewhat embarrassed by the spontaneous applause from the rest of the people waiting for their luggage, which was nothing, compared to the huge wet spot I had to wear out of the airport, as we walked to the car. Gennie waited until we got through paying the parking attendant before she flung her hands into my lap and, unzipping my pants, reached in to pull out my already hardening cock.

Gennie then leaned over and engulfed my exposed cock like it was on fire, and the only way to put it out, was with her hot wet mouth. Her full lips thinned as she closed them over the flared head. Using her hand to encircle the shaft, she started to suck and jack my cock in earnest. I groaned as less than a minute later I released a year’s worth of pent up cum into her mouth. Try as she might, she just couldn’t swallow fast enough to get all my cum down her throat. A puddle formed in my lap, as the last spurt entered her hot mouth.

She lovingly caressed my cock, then bent further to clean up the puddle with her tongue. As she sat up, I noticed another huge wet spot on my pants. Somehow this one didn’t bother me as much. Her belly filled with my cum, she said, ” You needed to get rid of that one so you can last longer when we get home”. When we pulled into the driveway, she got out of the car and raced into the house. I struggled to my unsteady feet, and got the bags from the trunk before I headed inside. Upon entering the door, I received a shock that caused a triple reaction.

First I dropped the bags, then my mouth fell open, and last but certainly not least, my cock got instantly hard. Standing in the middle of the living room, my wife was bare ass naked, but that wasn’t what caused my jaw to drop, or create an instant hard on. On both sides of my wife were our next door neighbors, Chris and Tiffany, both of them were nude also. Chris and Tiffany moved in next door a year before I deployed to Iraq. Both in their early twenties, both extremely vivacious, and good looking, they were a hard bodied couple that had both my wife, and I drooling over them each time we saw them.

Chris is 6-4 with brown hair, green eyes, a strong jaw line, and a weight lifters body. My wife used to look at him like he was a slice of chocolate cake that she couldn’t pass by. Tiffany is sex personified. At 5-1, maybe 100 pounds, her red hair and green eyes would cause any guy to stop what he was doing and stare in lust. Her narrow hips and bubble butt, were not her only man attractors. Tiffany had a large chest with nipples that never seem to disappear, no matter what she was wearing. I hadn’t failed to stop and stare every time I saw her before I left.

Seeing them bare ass naked, fondling my wife in my living room, was just not the greeting I had expected after a year of abstinence. Chris had his fingers in my wife’s pussy, his unbelievably thick 8 inch cock in my wife’s tiny hand, as she attempted to pull it off of his body. Tiffany was behind Gennie, and though I couldn’t see her body; was clearly naked. Tiffany had her arms around Gennie and had one of her tits in each hand, fondling them and caressing her nipples, as she kissed my wife’s neck and looked into my eyes.

Being a soldier, and utilizing the army principle of “adapt and overcome”, I did just that. Tiffany stepped out from behind my wife in all her naked glory. My eyes first went to her magnificent tits. I estimated that they were at least D cup size, but it was her nipples that got my attention. Brown from the sun, they protruded at least three quarters of an inch from her dollar sized areolas. As my eyes drank in her body, I noticed that she had no tan lines. Her mound, devoid of hair showed pinkness from her obvious state of arousal.

The most amazing thing of all, and sight that moved me toward her was her very visible clit. Like her nipples, her clit protruded from the front of her slit by almost an inch. I moved forward toward her, not even realizing I was walking. Tiffany opened her arms, and smiling brilliantly, said: “welcome home soldier. ” Without a glance at Gennie, I enveloped Tiffany in my arms and kissed her parted full lips passionately. My hands found her full tits as our tongues introduced themselves, and my fingers quickly explored her hardened nipples.

Tiffany moaned into my mouth as I pinched and pulled on them, fascinated by their incredible length. Tiffany removed her hands which had been around my neck, and sliding them down my chest, soon found my hard clothing encased cock. Following her example, I released her left nipple and sliding my hand down her flat stomach, found very wet slit. It was at this time that I remembered my wife. Looking over at her I found her on her knees, sucking greedily on Chris’ enormous cock. Her tiny mouth looked like it was stretched to the point that her lips would tear.

Chris’ cock was so wide I thought there was no way for her to deep throat it, like she frequently did to my seven inches. Gennie proved me wrong. I was astounded as I saw her move her face forward until her chin impacted his heavy balls. She paused a full 30 seconds, working on his cock with her throat muscles before sliding her hot lips back to where just the head of his jutting cock, was still a prisoner of her oral fixation. Not neglecting Tiffany, my fingers found her huge clit. It felt like a tiny cock and my thumb and index finger wanked it up and down as if it were a cock.

Tiffany’s knees buckled, and I lowered her to the floor, all the while continuing my assault on her lips, nipple and clit. Once she was on her back I release her tongue, and moved down to her wide spread legs, wanting to explore her clit and pussy with my mouth. I focused on her oozing honey hole as I shoved my tongue deep inside her, causing her to gasp as her fingers found her nipples, and roughly pulled them. I was like a man finding water in a desert, as my tongue licked and sucked every drop of pussy juice from the folds of her cunt lips.

Tiffany was moaning continuously now as my assault on her hole caused her to lift her knees toward her chest and spread her legs wider, allowing deeper access to her tasty pussy. My lips moved up to her enlarged clit, as I eased two fingers into her tight hole. Wrapping my lips around her clit, I sucked on it like a tiny cock, flicking the end of it with my tongue. Tiffany screamed out her orgasm as the muscles in her pussy clamped down on my fingers like a vise. As she came down from the nerve shattering orgasm, I looked over at my wife to see how she was faring.

Gennie was just in the act of lowering her steaming pussy onto Chris’s angry looking cock when she caught my eyes on her. Her eyes closed and mouth opened wide as the huge cock head parted her pussy lips and lodged firmly into the entrance to her vaginal canal. Continuing lowering her hips, Gennie let out a primal groan as the steely cock buried so far into her pussy the tip of it pushed its way past her cervix and into her womb. Gennie’s eyes flew open, as she felt her cervix being forced open, and she paused, welded to his huge cock, before lifting up as she slowly began to ride his tool.

Tiffany had recovered enough from her explosive orgasm, to reach between her legs and grasp my head trying to pull my up her body. Not one to disobey orders, I slid across her smooth lean body, and kissed her tenderly, as she reached between us, and guided my cock to the entrance of her tight hole. Tiffany hunched her hips upward, trying to capture my cock within her but I counter maneuver by pulling back, bringing a pleading whine from her throat and a pout to her lips. Just then, I lunged into her plowing deep within her tight pussy, causing her to scream in pleasure and pain as I breached her tight line of defense. Fuck me, soldier, fuck me hard,” Tiffany yelled, as I began to piston up and down inside of her. Tiffany’s pussy was the tightest, hottest, and most responsive pussy I had ever felt wrapped around my cock. On every stroke, she would raise her tight bubble butt off the floor to meet my forward thrusts. Her willingness, and can do attitude would surely earn her a medal if she were in the army. I lifted her legs until her knees were touching her chest, and grabbing a handful of each ass cheek, I started to slam my cock into her as I felt the cum rise in my balls. Tiffany was cumming. Not just once, but continuously.

Her orgasms ripped through her body, getting more and more intense as one faded and the next hit. The vise that was her pussy, refused to let my cock go as I finally began blasting her womb with artillery salvos of hot, sticky cum. I felt her go limp in my arms, as I crushed her beneath my exhausted body. I look deep into her eyes, to confirm she was alright, and noticed her beautiful flame, red hair, plastered to her forehead from her exertions. As my cock when soft, I rolled off of her, and she appeared fixed to the floor, as a combination of cum and pussy juice oozed out of her abused slit.

I turned toward my wife and Chris, who were both screaming, as they reached simultaneous orgasms. Gennie was ridged, as she slammed down on to his cock, and her orgasm tore at her sanity. Chris screamed out his victory, pumping load after load of bubbling hot cum, into my wife’s womb, while torturing her tits in his vise like hands. After our ability to reason returned, we moved slowly, together, to the living room sofas. Cocks dribbling the last vestiges of cum, abused pussies oozing out a mixture of cum and pussy juice, we flopped down onto the sofas.

I buried my fingers into Tiffany’s well fucked hole as she grasped my cock. Looking at my wife, I said; “So what was this all about? Not that I’m complaining. ” She just smiled, as the other two were, and said: “We decided to do this last week after Chris’s cock filled my pussy with cum and Tiffany recovered from my tongue. Welcome home warrior, welcome home. ” I knew right then that the wait had been worth it, and that I was on a new field of battle. One that was infinitely more pleasurable, and later, about nine months, would start a life, rather than costing any.


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