Welcome Message From The Ceo Commerce Essay

The universe is beautiful ; touristry has made it so. For viing in this universe which is full of chances one has to continuously endeavor for excellence, reinvent procedure and be nimble. We at Cox & A ; Kings Limited see huge chances for our Travel services across the Earth and would go on our focal point on traveling towards being a high quality planetary Travel Service Provider.

During the class of a 252 old ages in concern, Cox & A ; Kings Limited has successfully adjusted to the rapid alterations and ongoing challenges associated with viing in the planetary high engineering market topographic point. We have been traveling frontward sharply on many foreparts to capitalise on rapid growing chances, to better our operational efficiency and to sharpen our services portfolio focal point.

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Welcome Message From The Ceo Commerce Essay
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We must ever be prepared to rapidly accommodate to market worlds, enhance engineering leading places, anticipate hereafter tendencies, and follow and put to death concern schemes to bolster our competitory place.

At Cox & A ; Kings, we run our concern by three simple regulations:

Deliver first solutions for our clients

Provide great callings for our co-workers and

Build meaningful value for our stakeholders who have invested their trust in us.

These rules ( and a batch of difficult work ) have enabled Cox & A ; Kings to scale over 250 old ages from start-up to a taking participant in the Travel & A ; Tourism Services infinite and the growing has been multifold.

Last fiscal twelvemonth was a historic one for Cox & A ; Kings wherein our portions were listed on 11th December 2009 at the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited ( BSE ) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited ( NSE ) & A ; our new acquisition globally. This was merely the beginning of Cox & A ; Kings vision of being a planetary corporation.

I have ever believed that people are the biggest plus of any organisation. While constructing my squad, I have ever looked for persons who have a passion to stand out and a ne’er give up attitude.

One of the primary ends for Cox & A ; Kings is to make a stable work environment that accent on member committedness through uninterrupted investing in larning and development, competitory compensation through encouragement by manner of wages and acknowledgment mechanisms built on the nucleus values of teamwork, unity and accomplishment. Members have a voice in the company and their inputs are recognized.

We believe that through these steps we can further an environment where our members will boom and can outdo use their great accomplishments and creativeness to accomplish the common ends of Cox & A ; Kings Limited.

I strongly believe that satisfied clients, motivated human Resource and valuable investors are the three pillars on which the building of any organisation is based.

Cox & A ; Kings seeks extra chances to go on spread outing its grapevine by:

Keeping an un-impeccable criterion of unity in all their concern relationships both inside and outside the organisation.

Fostering the highest criterions of professional competency

Rejecting any concern pattern which might moderately be deemed improper.

As we advance towards future, I expect to see Cox & A ; Kings continue to turn with advanced engineering which would be cost effectual and of great corporate value. By the optimum utilizing our resources: members, engineerings and creativeness which is driven along with squad spirit, we would go on with our focal point on engineering invention and merchandise development that would lend to cultural and societal advancement.

With the counsel of our Board, attempts of our associates and members, capablenesss of our directors and support of our stakeholders, I am confident we would go on to work towards our vision, take up new challenges and maneuver our administration to unprecedented highs.

In stead of the above I am pleased to portion with you our corporate enchiridion. I hope you will happen this enchiridion utile in understanding our organisation. I wish you the really best and hold a long, gratifying and comfortable calling with us.

Urrshila Kerkar

Indian CEO and Director

Cox & A ; Kings Limited

Welcome Message from Global Head HR

Welcome to the World of HRconnect.

I am delighted to denote the Go-Live of “ HRconnect ” – the Employee Self Service Portal.A

It is my privilege to be a member of the Cox & A ; Kings Global Human Resources Team, the first to implement ERP in the company.

We would wish to take this chance to show our thanks to Peter Kerkar, Urrshila Kerkar, Pesi Patel, caputs of companies across the Earth and Viral Gandhi and the IT squad.

A particular reference for Urrshila whose vision & A ; passion for constructing a company of the hereafter and optimising on engineering, encourages each of us to switch our paradigms from today to tomorrow.

All the best navigating HRconnect, apologies for the first clip bugs and we commit to endeavor to bettering the quality of your experience.A


Padmini Misra

Global Head – Hour

Statement of Corporate Doctrine

Our end is to be the most antiphonal and detail-oriented organisation, of any sort, with whom our clients come into contact. As we are in Travel & A ; Tourism services, it is the degree of service we provide our clients that sets us above our rivals. It begins with the manner we communicate and continues with the manner we treat every client ‘s involvement with a sense of committedness and urgency.

By supplying an alone degree of service we will go on to pull and retain clients and guarantee the continued success of our Company.

Company Information

About the Company

Richard Cox 1718-1803, laminitis of Cox & A ; KingsCox & A ; Kings is the longest established travel company in the universe. Its distinguished history began in 1758 when it was appointed as general agents to the regiment of Foot Guards in India under the bid of Lord Ligonier.

By 1878, C & A ; K were agents for most British regiments posted overseas, including the Royal Cavalry, Artillery and Infantry, every bit good as the Royal Wagon Train and theHousehold Brigade. The Royal Navy was following and in 1912, The Royal Air Force came under its wings.

Between 1750 ‘s and 1950 ‘s, Cox & A ; Kings was informant to an exciting epoch in Indian history, and, in its ain manner, helped to determine it. During the 1930s, Lloyds sold their Indian involvements to Grindlays Bank who besides took the Travel and Shipping Agencies besides which continued to boom in India. When a alteration in British banking ordinances meant Grindlays had to sell off non-banking involvements, a partnership between Ajit Kerkar and Anthony Good bought Cox & A ; Kings. The company remains independent to this twenty-four hours and is run by CEO Peter Kerkar. In 1947, the British disposal departed, but edge by strong ties to India, Cox & A ; Kings stayed on and flourished. Today, Cox & A ; Kings is a premium trade name in all travel related services in the Indian subcontinent, using over 1300 trained professionals.

Its India operations are headquartered in Mumbai and have the position of a limited company. It has over 12 to the full owned offices in India across cardinal metropoliss such as New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Hyderabad, Pune, Goa, Nagpur and Jaipur.

The worldwide offices are located in UK, USA, Japan, Russia, Singapore and Dubai. It has associate offices in Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and Australia.

Cox & A ; Kings purchased Tempo Holidays ; a Melbourne based sweeping travel company in July 2008.

Cox & A ; Kings purchased Bentours ( based in Sydney, Australia ) , antecedently owned by UK elephantine TUI, in January 2010. Bentours would “ go on to run as a standalone trade name ” but would “ be controlled by Cox & A ; Kings Australia ‘s office in Melbourne ” harmonizing to Cox and Kings Australia CEO Steve Reynolds.

“ Nothing will of all time be attempted if all possible expostulations must foremost be overcome. ”

Listing Information


The Company had come out with Initial Public Offering of its portions in December 2009. The issue was over-subscribed by 5.64 times. The Company ‘s portions were listed on 11th December 2009 at the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited ( BSE ) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited ( NSE ) .

The Company ‘s portions are presently traded on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited ( BSE ) , and National Stock Exchange of India Limited. The Company ‘s GDRs are listed on the Stock Exchange at Luxembourg.

Stock Codes:

Name of the Stock Exchange

Stock Code



National Stock Exchange of India Limited


Bombay Stock Exchange Limited


Luxembourg Stock Exchange


For farther information please see our web site www.coxandkings.com where you will happen the overview about the company every bit good as the latest fiscal information.

Group Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

“ To be a globally respected organisation, presenting best travel services, utilizing advanced penetrations, delivered by best in category people. ”

Mission Statement

To please our clients with the most exciting value for money vacations.

To honor our stockholders with a sustainable high growing plus.

To enthuse our staff by supplying a challenging, merriment, and honoring working environment.

Change of Name

In the past few old ages, your Company has expanded its concern across many states and has now attained the position of being a planetary company with important presence in assorted Countries. To reflect its true position, the name of your Company has changed to Cox & A ; Kings Limited. A fresh Certificate of Incorporation was received from the Registrar of Companies dated 29th July 2010 pursuant to the alteration of name of the company from Cox and Kings ( India ) Limited to Cox & A ; Kings Limited.

Our Competitive Strengths

Strong Brand Equity

Our trade name has evolved over a period of 250 old ages and is one of the oldest trade names in the Travel & A ; Tourism industry today. “ Cox & A ; Kings ” was ranked # 1 Top Brands in India and ranked 152 amongst Top 1000 Brands in the Asia Pacific part in 2008. The ranking is based on a study conducted by a research bureau TNS and co-funded by Media magazine across the markets of 10 states in the Asia Pacific. We are recognized as a strong trade name both locally and internationally.

The C & A ; K Advantage

Best Brand for over 250 old ages and been operational non-stop since 1758.

One Stop Travel Fulfillment Center ( Online every bit good as Offline Fulfillment ) for all Travel Related Services including a scope of 3rd party merchandises

Integrated Information Technology Platform to offer centralised reserve systems for all concern units

Excellent Supplier Contracting Footings & A ; Capabilities

Strong online Presence

Seasonably & A ; Accurate MIS

Knowing Staff

Support via BPO & A ; Call Centers

Advanced Products Design and Creative Marketing

Global Shareholder of Radius

The principal services offered by the company are:

Destination Management

Outbound Tourism

Business Travel

Incentive & A ; Conference Solutions

Domestic Holidays


Trade Fairs

Foreign Exchange


Destination Management

Cox & A ; Kings is India ‘s market leader in finish direction, with significant competitory advantage in this concern section. Cox & A ; Kings operates a scope of group and single Tourss to finishs throughout the Indian subcontinent for clients from all over the universe. Cox & A ; Kings overseas is a celebrated travel trade name and an Indian subcontinent circuit specializer and been quoted as one of the top 5 premium circuit operators by ‘Conde ‘ Nast Traveller ‘ . This division besides provides specializer services to foreign participants sing India for international meetings, conferences, ad hoc inducements and exhibitions and besides caters for domestic conferences and corporate inducements. Ground related services to international sail companies touching Indian shore with a proviso of shore jaunts are other taking activities of this division.

Outbound Tourism

India is one of the largest possible outbound circuit markets in Asia. In 1995, Cox & A ; Kings began a fully fledged in house circuit runing activity by planing its ain booklet merchandise under sole agreements with direct providers and local agents across the Earth. Cox & A ; Kings has been set abouting path-breaking enterprises to make out to the travellers through advanced merchandises. These include:

‘Duniya Dekho ‘ Vacations to Europe, USA, Far East, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia and New Zealand. For the “ value for money ” traveler

‘FlexiHols ‘ is a construct in vacationing where the traveler enjoys all the amenitiess and convenience of a planned vacation but at a gait & A ; monetary value that is set by him. This is targeted at the more discerning Free Individual Traveller

Luxury Escapes – It takes a travel company that has been round for two hundred old ages, to cognize everything about royal intervention. Cox & A ; Kings rolls out a whole new construct in Holidays – Luxury Escapes. Spoil yourself. Get pampered rotten. Holiday like a male monarch. Join us as we unveil state after state laced with iniquitous indulgence and all right life. The finest luxury hotels in the universe to the most sole amusement experiences await you.

Cox & A ; Kings besides represents and retails many international 3rd party merchandises including Cosmos, Rail Europe, Silversea Cruises, Star Cruise, and Escorted Tours to USA etc.

NRI – The NRI Division of Cox & A ; Kings caters to the Non Resident Indians who would wish to go around the universe with Indian households. Cox & A ; Kings organises particular Tourss for these households where the NRI community would wish to go with like-minded households across the universe. Duniya Dekho & A ; FIT Packages are specifically designed for this Market Segment by this division.

Business Travel

Cox & A ; Kings are one of the market leaders in concern travel services in India, offering a full scope of concern travel services to over 200 corporate clients, including major transnational companies. C & A ; K ‘s strength in this concern country is apparent when one of the universe ‘s largest pudding stone in concern travel – Radius the First genuinely planetary travel direction partnership/consortium with amalgamation of Travel Trust International and Woodside Travel Management Corporation in 1992 selected Cox & A ; Kings as their Indian spouse.

C & A ; K – Radius Overseas Travel Fulfillment Solutions through the Radius Brand

Leveraging the partnership with Radius, Cox and Kings can offer Travel Fulfillment Services to Corporate Clients who are holding offices overseas or project squads working on site at their clients ‘ site, through its Radius Shareholders in the several abroad parts. All travel demands will be controlled through the off shore 24 ten 7 Travel Center based in Mumbai.

Domestic Tourism

India with its big domestic consumer offers Cox & A ; Kings a alone chance to establish its portfolio of ‘domestic vacations ‘ for people resident in India. Launched in 2000, ‘Bharat Dekho ‘ ( see India ) is today ‘s taking ‘branded ‘ merchandise in the state with a broad scope of ‘Indian Holidays ‘ from cultural vacations, pilgrim vacations, wildlife vacations, honeymoon Tourss, weekend pickups, customized FIT Tours to nature trails, Bharat Dekho has captured over 50 % of the domestic market.

Incentive Solutions

Over 7000 inducements in the last 4 old ages makes Cox and Kings the biggest participant in Incentives. The Incentive Solutions Division of Cox & A ; Kings provides cost effectual travel inducement strategies for clients that recognize and reward exceeding attempt of its employees, clients, providers or traders. A squad of handpicked industry specializers committed to managing every facet of an inducement / conference event are a portion of this squad.


The turning importance of MICE – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions led to the launch of this division. The division has bing tie ups with assorted Chambers of Commerce and National Tourist Offices.

Currency Exchange

Cox & A ; Kings has a fully fledged money altering division in Cox & A ; Kings Offices serving the demands of the corporate traveler and the leisure travel clients. A strong distributer of American Express Travellers ‘ Cheques, Cox & A ; Kings has been awarded ‘Top Performer ‘ for several old ages.

Travel Insurance

Policies for Leisure Domestic every bit good as International Travel and particular Corporate Deals on Insurance covering an array of specialised travel countries, some of which are:

Loss of luggage ( checked )

Bounced Hotel / Airline Bookings

Missed connexions

Personal Accident

Trip Cancellation due to hospitalization, decease or curfew.

Emergency Hospitalization Death

High Technology Platform

Cox & A ; Kings today deploys highest information engineering platform in the Indian Travel Industry. It has developed wholly incorporate forepart, mid and back office solutions. This has brought about immense cost nest eggs for the administration, therefore pull offing to offer ‘quality ‘ service to its clients at a great cost nest eggs.

Amalgamations and Acquisitions

Your Company continued to prosecute the scheme of geting concerns which complement our service offerings, supply entree to niche skill sets and spread out our presence in choice geographicss. In April 2009, we completed acquisition of East India Travel Company Inc, which is in the concern of selling upmarket circuit and travel bundles in the United States of America. East India Travel Company Inc was acquired by our step-down subordinate in UK, Cox & A ; Kings Travel Limited. In December 2009, Cox & A ; Kings ( Australia ) Pty Ltd, a entirely owned subordinate of the Company has acquired 100 % portions of My Planet Australia Pty Limited & A ; Bentours International Pty Limited, through portion sale understanding from First Choice Holdings Australia Pty Ltd, a European touristry group which is portion of the TUI Travel Plc Group of Companies. The acquisition has been done through an earn-out mechanism.

The concern of the acquired companies is presently merchandising under the trade name MyBentours for its sweeping FIT & A ; leisure groups to Scandinavia and has a wellestablished retail operation.

All the subordinates of the Company are unlisted and none of them are material unlisted subordinates as per Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement.

List of Related parties: Subsidiaries/Fellow Subsidiary

Clearmine Limited

ETN Services Limited

Cox & A ; Kings Singapore Pvt. Ltd. ( Earlier known as “ CNK Internet PTE. Ltd ” )

Cox & A ; Kings Tours ( L.L.C )

Cox & A ; Kings Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings Travel Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings Japan Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings ( Transporting ) Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings Special Interest Holidays Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings Tours Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings Enterprises Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings Holdings Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings Investments Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings Finance Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings ( Mauritius ) Ltd.

Cox & A ; Kings ( Agents ) Limited

C & A ; K Investments Limited

Grand Tours Ltd.

East India Travel Company Inc, ( with consequence from 08th April, 2009 )

Cox & A ; Kings ( Australia ) PTY Ltd.

Tempo Holidays Pty Ltd.

Tempo Holidays NZ Ltd.

Quoprro Global Services PTE Ltd.

Quoprro Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

Quoprro Global Limited, UK ( with consequence from 28th August 2009 )

Quoprro Global Services Pvt. Ltd, Hongkong ( with consequence from 28th August 2009 )

Quoprro Global Hellas, Greece ( with consequence from 23rd July 2009 )

Cox and Kings GMBH, ( with consequence from 22nd October 2009 )

MyPlanet Australia Pty Ltd, Australia ( with consequence from 29th December 2009 )

Bentours International Pty Ltd, Australia ( with consequence from 29th December 2009 )


Tulip Star Hotels Ltd.

Enterprises over which Key Management Personnel and their relations exercise important influence

Far Pavilions Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Ezeego One Travel and Tours Limited

Ability to turn our merchandise portfolio and add new finishs

C & A ; K ‘s consequences of operations are significantly dependent on ability to turn its merchandise portfolio and add new finishs to leisure bundles. C & A ; K has entered into strategic partnerships with assorted travel spouses to accomplish this in the yesteryear. For illustration, it has partnered with the Royal Horticultural Society, the Natural History Museum and the John Lewis Partnership in the United Kingdom. C & A ; K besides has partnered with assorted touristry boards, such as those of South Korea and Finland to market these finishs to Indian travellers. These strategic partnerships have expanded C & A ; K ‘s merchandise offerings and added new finishs to its portfolio, all of which


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