Welfare Pros and Cons Essay

Welfare is a system set by the federal government to assist those who can not afford to provide for themselves or their family. There are several types of welfare programs such as WIC Programs, Medicaid, food stamps, HUD, HHS and AFDC just to name a few. It was established during the Great Depression under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He sought to fix the problem of the many citizens who were in great financial loss. The advantage of welfare is that it helps the poor afford what they could not.

The money to support these welfare programs are from the government which they have collected from the tax dollars of its citizens. People who are on welfare have been taxed and are supplying to the government as well. It was a program that was created for the people. Without this program many would be left without anything to eat, medical care, or basic necessities. The disadvantage of welfare is that those who have abused it have created a stigma towards welfare users.

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Welfare Pros and Cons Essay
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There are certain qualifications to receive welfare some such as income, household size, or employment status. You must not make over a certain amount depending on how many people you are taking care of. Some have lied to receive welfare when they are more than capable of providing for themselves. Also people have poked fun at welfare recipients because they were never able to get “name brand products” and it has become embarrassing to most to allow others to know. It has also brought on issues of dependence on welfare.

People may feel as though they do not need to try to find work because the government will pay for what they need. To me welfare has its ups and downs regarding how money is supplied and the regulations for those who can receive aide. For the unemployed or those who can not work welfare is something they can use and not be ashamed of. For some whom are working but are struggling to provide for their family welfare can be a harder process to come by. I feel as though the government sets the limit of how much someone can make before they stop receiving welfare is too low.

The cost of living in different areas fluctuates and I do not believe some people can fully provide for their family with housing, food, clothing, and medical care with their income. Welfare is a program set forth to help people of the government who are in need. I feel as though some use it and some abuse it. It should be something used for temporary means with every intent to try and put some effort towards not relying on welfare. It should not be something people should be ashamed of.


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