Well Planned Maintenance Activity And Strategy Construction Essay

1.0 Abstraction

A edifice is a adult male made construction that is built to supply protection, place and besides working infinite for human being. In order to be able to remain in the edifice in a comfy status, care work on the edifice and its installations must be carried out. Constructing care is defined as the work undertaken in order to maintain, reconstruct or better every portion of a edifice, its services and environments, to a presently acceptable criterion, and to prolong the public-service corporation and value of the edifice ( Seeley, 1976 ) . The purpose of this survey is to place and urge few attacks that can be implement by the edifice care directors in the care patterns which will guarantee the efficiency of constructing care activities. The degree of constructing care efficiency can be illustrated through the public presentation of installations, services and system in a edifice which will so be measured through the satisfaction of the edifice residents and user.

There are several schemes and attacks has been recognized which can be implement by the care directors in order to guarantee the efficiency of the edifice care work particularly in presents disputing working environment. The first thing foremost to be considered by the care directors is about the acceptance of information engineering system in the edifice care activities. This attack is concentrating on the direction of informations and analysis which is through the usage of computerized system in pull offing and keeping a edifice. While, another suggested attack is via the execution of Business Process Re-engineering ( BPR ) . This is the new direction thought where directors in many concern activities right now are seeking to switch to this attack. This scheme besides is proved in bring forthing positive results and better consequence through the usage of current and available resources in the organisation.

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Well Planned Maintenance Activity And Strategy Construction Essay
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To do certain the edifice care patterns to be efficient, another effectual method has been recognized which is good planned care scheme which consist of several types. The type of care schemes are the preventative, everyday and disciplinary care scheme. These three schemes was extremely recommended as it helps the edifice care directors to forestall from any major repairing cost, sudden malfunction of edifice installations every bit good as doing certain the optimum public presentation of services and system in the edifice. All suggestion in this survey is chiefly focus on how to guarantee the efficiency of edifice care pattern. There are many other suited attack can be implement by the care directors to guarantee efficient edifice care pattern. However, the combination of all schemes in this survey is inevitable to bring forth better consequence from the edifice care patterns.

2.0 Introduction

Presents, constructing care patterns is indispensable as to guarantee that a edifice can execute good to its maximal degree of production for which it intentionally being constructed. Building can be defined as a lasting or semi-permanent construction that is built on the land which the constituents includes foundation, beam, floor, roof and besides installations installed in the edifice. Without the activity of keeping the edifice, it might non function good to the people who own or occupy it and the life rhythm of the edifice could be radically reduced due to the extended usage of the construction or installations inside the edifice. So, this is where constructing care patterns become utile. In order to implement edifice care undertakings expeditiously, a proper edifice care program and monitoring system is necessary ( Azlan-Syah Ali, 2010 ) . While, Francis et al 2001 defined constructing care direction is an operation affecting the interaction or combination of proficient, societal, legal, and financial determiners that govern and manage the usage of edifices.

Harmonizing to T.J. Pitt MSc FRICS 1986, the aim of most belongings care is to continue the stock and quality of the belongings portfolio by supplying a antiphonal and efficient fix service which will later stand for the value for money. While, based on the survey done by David Allen 1993, constructing care direction has ever been seen as the “ Cinderella ” of the building industry, and has ne’er been recognized in its ain right. However, a common or regular care activity can non vouch the highest production and public presentation of the edifice. The care work which being carried out must purely follow the agenda program and accomplishing the criterion or specification which has been set in the industry. The purpose of the care service must be to increase the handiness of systems and equipments, which entails increasing their dependability and diminishing their repairing clip ( E. Viles, D. Puente, M.J. Alvarez, F. Alonso, 2007 ) . Therefore, it is of import to guarantee that the care activities or patterns in a edifice to be really efficient as it will reflect to the great public presentation of the edifice itself every bit good as accomplishing the edifice proprietors end. Based on the survey done by David Allen 1993, the quality and efficiency of a edifice care direction operation depends, to some extent, on how information on the status of the edifice, the demand of the users and the plants carried out, is collected and used. So, there are few things and affairs that need to be taken into history in order to safeguard the efficiency every bit good as quality in edifice care patterns particularly in Malaysia.

3.0 Information Technology ( IT )

In order to guarantee the work flow of keeping a edifice to be really efficient, an information engineering must be taken into history in the direction system particularly during this modern epoch. Not merely limited to the edifice care direction merely, the information engineering has been widely used and applied in every facet of work field during these yearss. More and more people are concern particularly the top direction squad has seen that it is cardinal to follow information engineering in their concern operation as to guarantee the smooth running and operation of their concern. Furthermore, the work flow of any concern operation during this modern age has become more complex and complicated than of all time before. The direction squad will finally necessitate to follow the information engineering in the day-to-day operation as it will greatly assist them to supervise and run the concern in orderly, structured and organized mode. Harmonizing to T.J. Pitt MSc FRICS 1986, the directors will necessitate to hold dependable information which can be rapidly and easy digested through the utilizing of information engineering in the edifice care patterns. With the dependable information that the directors have, they will be confident to continue with any reasonable and rational steps which they think necessary.

Apart from that, the information engineering in constructing care patterns going really of import as it allow the care directors to place the needed care, prioritization of those care and besides explicate a prognostic care programme. Through this important measure that can be done by utilizing information engineering, the activities of constructing care can be done expeditiously. The care directors can calculate and project for the future care work which they think necessary for the edifice before the work is done in world. As an illustration, the care director can utilize the information engineering in their edifice care direction to roll up and stored the informations sing the life span of the edifice installations such as lift and escalator. Through this attack, the care director can foretell when they need to transport out the care work, what sort of care work is necessary to be done and how much is the care cost. Harmonizing to Holmes and Pitt 1994, this attack might be more applicable to long term or strategic care prediction and rating. Indirectly, the information engineering besides helps the director to place other superior work to be done first earlier carry out the fixs or care of the lift and escalator. The deployment of information engineering in the concern procedure can assist to better the concern procedure public presentation ( Chung For Choi, Stephen L. Chan, 1997 ) . Therefore, it is clearly demoing that the acceptance of information engineering in the edifice care work helps to guarantee the efficiency of the care activities particularly in this modern epoch.

4.0 Business Process Re-engineering ( BPR )

The edifice care squad will finally affect a figure of workers or adult male power as to present the work and activities of keeping the edifice. As the universe has evolved to be more complex and sophisticated, the people particularly the edifice users have besides growing to be more knowing and demanding. They are the users which own or occupy the edifice and they will certainly necessitate a organic structure to keep the edifice for their comfort and health every bit good as to widen the life span of the edifice. In add-on, the presents edifice besides was designed to be really intelligent, alone, completed with up-to-date installations and few other particular features which represent the value for money. At this point, the edifice care direction is the right organic structure to execute the undertaking for them because they are the people which have the cognition, accomplishment, resources and capable to transport out the edifice care work. Harmonizing to the Chartered Institute of Building, the edifice care means as a work undertaken to maintain, reconstruct or better every installation to an in agreement criterion, determined by the balance between the demand and available resources. However, a modus operandi or common edifice care pattern without proper allotment of undertaking or work specialisation can non guarantee the efficiency in the care work. Therefore, it is indispensable to do certain that the edifice care direction or the organisational construction is good structured that consist of few different section and specialisations. The traditional organisational construction of a edifice care section must be re-structured to be good organized and the staffs are re-positioning harmonizing to each specialisation. This is called as the Business Process Re-engineering ( BPR ) where the same resources are being re-organized in order to bring forth better consequence and results.

Harmonizing to Hammer and Champy 1993, the Business Process Re-engineering is defined as the cardinal rethinking and extremist redesign of concern procedure to accomplish dramatic betterment in critical, modern-day steps of public presentation such as cost, quality, service and velocity. As a simple illustration, the top degree of the direction squad is the Head of Manager, followed by few Department Manager such as Administration Department, Research Department, Human Resource Department, Technical Department and besides the Security Department. Each of this section is specialist in each working field and acquiring the right undertaking to be performed. Through the well structured and specialized organisation, the work of constructing care can be separate and delivered expeditiously between the sections which will later bring forthing high quality of consequence. This new direction thought can besides greatly helps to cut down the operational cost of constructing care as the necessary undertaking can be done by specializer in the organisation itself which is called as in-house direction without holding to outsource the work to external party which will certainly necessitate extra cost of assignment. The basic thought of BPR is to execute alterations to the bing concern in order to better the public presentation ( Chung For Choi, Stephen L. Chan, 1997 ) . So, it is proved that the new direction thought of Business Process Re-engineering ( BPR ) to be one of the of import elements that must be considered by the edifice care organisation in order to guarantee the quality service delivered every bit good as efficiency in edifice care patterns particularly in nowadays disputing state of affairs.

5.0 Well Planned Maintenance Activity and Strategy

In guaranting efficient edifice care pattern, the care directors must hold cognition and vision on the care activity to be carried out on the edifice. They must hold clear image about the flow of care activity to be done and what are the best class of care program to be prepared as to do certain the edifice can run at its optimal degree with high public presentation of all installations in the edifice. Harmonizing to Thompson 1994, the function of constructing care is non merely to guarantee the installations and services in the edifice are runing at the optimum criterion of maps, but to fulfill the public presentation to the demands of the edifice ‘s residents. In the context of keeping a edifice, there are several recommended types of care activity which are the preventative care, everyday care and disciplinary care. This type of care activity will significantly act upon the efficiency of edifice care pattern every bit good as life rhythm of installations and services in a edifice.

5.1 Preventive Care

To get down with, preventative care activity is the primary work that must be planned and comes foremost before the other two care activities or scheme. The preventative care can be describe as a work of keeping the edifice including its installations and services like lift, escalator, constructing security system and besides the fire contending system with the purpose to cut down the hazard of major jobs sing the edifice and its installations to happen. Preventive care activity is performed in the belief that they will better constituent use ( K.A.H. Kobbacy, D.F. Percy, B.B. Fawzi, 1997 ) . The preventative care besides must be good planned by the care director at the early phase of pull offing the edifice as this can assist much on cut downing the care cost in future every bit good as longer the life span of installations installed at the edifice. Some illustrations of preventative care are periodic review on the fire combat system and edifice security system. The review on the system can be done hebdomadal or twice a month as to guarantee the systems are ever in good status. This activity besides can forestall from any unplanned care in the hereafter due to the sudden malfunction of the system. Kyle et Al has explained that regular care activities and everyday reviews of the edifice and its equipments will unwrap structural and mechanical jobs before major fixs become necessary.

5.2 Everyday Care

Next after the preventative care will be the everyday care activity. It can be defined as the ongoing attention and care of a edifice and its installations. The Everyday Maintenance activity is rather similar with preventative care activity. However, it is a work done normally every twenty-four hours or every hebdomad. The illustrations of everyday care activity are the cleansing of common country, landscape care, and regular services of air conditioning system, lift and escalator. All this undertaking which is done on a regular basis can forestall from inordinate amendss or dislocation of the installations and system which will later necessitate high cost for the care and mending work. The everyday care activity besides helps to guarantee the public presentation of the edifice equipment and installation to be excellence at all clip and run into the edifice resident ‘s demand. Furthermore, the everyday care besides helps to foretell when will the systems or installation such as lift to be repaired or wholly replaced. This anticipation can be done through the informations collected during the review works, analyst utilizing the information engineering as to calculate when the system need to be fix once more or wholly replaced with the new system due to its failure.

5.3 Corrective Care

Then, the most important portion in care scheme will be the disciplinary care activity. Corrective care is an activity where the responsible edifice care director taking disciplinary step on any dislocation and malfunction of system, installations, services and structural of the edifice whenever it happens. Harmonizing to David and Arthur 1989, the disciplinary care works normally carried out in ad hoc mode to response to any dislocations or edifice resident ‘s petition. The mending work is carried out by the responsible technician with orders from the director at the clip it is necessary. However, non all edifice care directors today consider to be after for preventative and everyday care activity. They are likely to take disciplinary step merely when the dislocation or malfunction happens. This state of affairs will so take to inordinate repairing cost, deficiency of in-house expertness to reconstruct the system back to normal and do the edifice residents to experience uncomfortable to remain longer in the premises because the system and installations installed in the edifice can non execute good to an acceptable user ‘s criterion.

The disciplinary care merely incurred high care and mending cost because of two grounds which are failure of an point that can do a big sum of eventful harm to other elements in the edifice and failure of an point that can happen at a clip which is inconvenient to both the user and the maintaining authorization when the work force and trim parts are hard to obtained ( R.M.W. Horner, M.A. El-Haram, A.K. Munns, 1997 ) . Somehow, the care activity is really of import to do certain the defect, dislocation or malfunction system can be repaired and run as usual. Therefore, it is good recommended that the edifice care directors to include in their care direction scheme all the three care activities which are preventative care, everyday care and disciplinary care. These three care schemes will assist to guarantee the efficiency in edifice care patterns every bit good as bring good repute to the edifice care directors itself.

6.0 Decision

To do certain the efficiency in the edifice care patterns, care directors or applied scientists must be equipped with cognition and accomplishment sing to keep and pull off a edifice. Without equal cognition in the field of edifice care pattern, the edifice might likely be maintained and manage at an mean degree of efficiency and can non fulfill the edifice residents or proprietor ‘s criterion. Furthermore, the presents edifice is built with intelligent system, alone design and composite installations which are so necessitate a knowing and adept individual to pull off it. In order to assist guaranting efficiency in the edifice care patterns, few utile affairs must be considered in the working or maintaining and pull offing the edifice. This includes the acceptance of information engineering in the pull offing the edifice through computerized analysis, take action on the new direction thought of Business Process Re-engineering ( BPR ) in order to accomplish better consequence via the utilizing of available resources and besides the planning of important care scheme. Through the execution of this valuable procedure and attack in the edifice care patterns, it is belief that it could give great impact of the terminal consequence or end product of the edifice care in term of the quality and efficiency. Therefore, it can be concluded that it is really of import for the care directors or applied scientists to take into history this attack as to get by up with environment changing, fortunes alter, edifice proprietors and resident ‘s demand every bit good as their demand on value for money. A systematic attack is really indispensable to do certain the successful of care direction ( David Allen, 1993 ) .


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