Western Expansion-Industrialization Essay

Throughout the 19th century there had been a lot of factors that caused change in this time period. It was figured that the U. S would become an industrial superpower by the turn of the 20th century. The various factors were;natural resources, railroads, population increase and free enterprise system. These within them selves made it clear that there must be some kind of way to transpire these into one another and contribute. This is where inventors came in the mix. It was understood that U.

S industrialization factors contributing was inevitable which is why all the factors that contributed to it got so much feed back from people. Natural resources helped move along all things that weren’t man made. Such as water, coal, iron ore etc. These all are used to today to help us do our daily duties. Railroads played a huge role in industrialization just for the simple fact of that it shipped things quicker and easier. It put an ease on things. It also made situations less hectic leaving everyone with a peace of mind. The population increase only occurred because of the U.

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Western Expansion-Industrialization Essay
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S urges for supply and demand. Later a great amount of immigration came upon the U. S. However, I feel that free enterprise system was by far the most significant in the whole topic of U. S industrialization. U. S was limited in a lot and was faced with relying on 50/50 chance things. There were supporters throughout this, however there was not really much they could do to prevent it simply because the fact that it had already began. During this time there were a lot of key inventors. The reason these inventors were so significant was because without them there would not be a smooth process in the U.

S today. Edwin Drake actually created the very first oil well, if you think about it who knows how long it would have taken to have found that and what we would do if it wasn’t found. Thomas Edison created the photograph, the light bulb and the motion picture. If we think about that also, who knows how our household would be without the light bulb and how our memories would be captured without a photograph. Even Alexander Bell who created the telephone, how would we communicate? The point that I’m making is that a lot of things would not be the way they are if it wasn’t for a lot of these significant people.

Our world would be upside down if we didn’t have all these new and old inventions within our world. An also the incentives for the inventors and the U. S was that people were going to buy these things and money would come back to both. Also during this time, the role of the government had taken a whole new role. I feel the reason so was because of all the changes. I feel they felt as if they picked the option of engaging in free trade, that it would clear all problems in reference to U. S industrialization. How ever in regard to business, it was booming.

People were coming up with new tactics to control and get every customers money. The reason I say this is because of one act of “monopoly”. This act is basically when a company controls everything. It gives them the power and illegibility to do anything and everything they want to get money. Of course this is not good including the act of horizontal companies producing similar products joining forces. Clearly, because their bound to fail eventually. During this whole period, workers were all held accountable for keeping these processes going. It also came with a down fall which was their treatment.

Their work hours were ridiculous and their bosses had no pity on their injuries they endured. Which I might add occurred a lot. However, the knight of labor, the American federation of labor and violent strikes turned this all around. In conclusion, as stated before I felt that U. S industrialization factors contributing were inevitable. The changes, factors and new creations all correlated back to the industrialization helping it move along. It’s clear that with out a lot of things the world would not run the way it does now and how it did back then in the 19th century.

If I was alive in the 19th century I would say so myself also, that the U. S would one day become an industrial superpower by the turn of the 20th century. I mean we see now here today it is and I feel it will remain that way for a very long time. A lot people paved the way into the success of our world. Even the people that were missed treated helped us today in not being left with having to deal with all the cruelty that they did. In the end, in my perspective, I feel words can not even start to explain the success of everyone’s responses.


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